Here Is How Traveling With Kids Can Be Easy For A Single Parent

February 27, 2017

As a single parent, one of the most stressful activities we can do with our kids is traveling with them. It is not about packing tons of clothes. It is not even about the extra fees like travel insurance that can make sure everyone stays safe and secure. It is about being a one-man army and making sure all the kids, and of course, including you, are enjoying time together. You are all on vacation in another country, having fun is expected, right?

Well, with kids, it can be unpredictable! One minute they all seem to get along, then the next minute they are about to start an explosive tantrum. Imagine all of that happening thousands of feet up in the air or in a foreign country. But you have to admit, if you are looking to reconnect with them, traveling is one of the best ways to do that and create unforgettable memories with them. Think about all the new experiences and how you can see the world from their perspective. That is not something you want to miss out on.

So to help you, we have created a list of things that can ensure you and your kids will have the most amazing time on your trip:

Plan The Trip With The Kids

You can start bonding with them even before the trip starts, by involving them in the planning process. Tell them where you plan on going and show them the destinations you can visit. Consult with them, which places they want to go to the most, plan the activities they want to do, and create an itinerary based on that. By doing this, not only are making sure that everyone’s interests will be satisfied, but you are also hyping them up for the trip.

Make The Travel Comfortable

Being in another place is always fun, but traveling to the destination can be a bit stressful. This is especially true if the kids need to wake up very early or stay up very late for a flight. Find ways to make the travel comfortable for them by bringing a couple of their favorite toys and play along with them during a drive or a flight. You can even bring their favorite snacks, so that they will not be bothered when the pressure in the plane changes.

Always Be Prepared For Emergencies

This could mean spills, so make sure that you have extra clothes in your backpack, while you are going from one destination to another. But this could also mean medical emergencies. With this, make sure you have the basic medical kit with you at all times. Remember to get travel insurance that covers certain medical expenses, like injuries, so that you would not have any problems bringing them to the hospital and settling the bill.

Keep Your Plans Simple

Remember that the trip is not just about dawdling in a foreign country, it is about making memories with them, thus make it count. Relax, have fun, and make sure everyone goes home from this trip feeling happy and refreshed.

Traveling with kids can be a bit of a doozy. However, with the right mindset, a flawless plan, and these amazing tips, it will be the most awesome trip they will ever have!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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