Love Your Tiles, Just Hate The Stained Grout?

February 27, 2017

Grout is a cement based material, putting a meaningful impact on the surface by filling the voids between tiles. No matter how clean your tiles are, the entire surface will look worse if the grout is stained. Your grout needs equal attention as tiles. Cleaning the surface with steam machines or regular cleaners releases stains, bacteria, or mold only at the top of the floor and walls while diminishing the value of the surface.

That sheen across natural stone or other tiles relies on a fresh and sanitized surface. If your grout is not restored with the correct products, it will stain the tiles within months. D’Sapone is the only company, paying attention to every detail to bring that look to your floor, shower, or countertop you strive for. Re-grouting or applying water based sealers to grout allows mold, mildew, and stains to take place in just six months. Our grout restoration processes have been discussed below:

Eliminating All The Deep Stains, Bacteria, And Mold

We are able to remove all the stains with our astonishing grout cleaning service in Atlanta. Meet Imperia, an incredibly designed cleaner from pFOkUS. It cleans all the tiles and grout at the same time. Not only does it eliminate stains at the top of tile and grout, it goes deep into the surface lifting stains, bacteria, and existing sealers at the root, while never sacrificing the surface’s quality. Sometimes we use H2O2 in shower killing all the mold and mildew.

Color Sealing Grout With Caponi

Choosing the correct color seal was a tough job in itself until D’Sapone introduced its revolutionary grout color sealing service with Caponi — a two part pigmented titanium resin sealer. Caponi is not just a color seal, it is better in every way, leaving the surface waterproof. Grout is just like sand on the beach, retaining any liquids, even the dirty mop water, causing stains and mold to grow.

Once your grout is cleaned, it will stain again if not protected with a patented sealer. We always perform grout sealing after the cleaning process. Caponi’s one coat application protects all the grout lines for a lifetime. It controls the surface from allowing the passage of liquids or moisture. Before we apply Caponi, we always color match the product to tiles and grout to make the entire surface look natural and beautiful. Its 40 different colors can undoubtedly suit your needs.

Eliminating The Need of Re-Grouting

Re-grouting replacing the stained or cracked grout with new grout, is a band aid solution, as new grout will also crack and peel in a short order. If your grout is badly stained, we will clean it and will protect it with our titanium coating.

Grout cracking issue should be rectified with quality products, else the crack will spread across the entire floor and walls. We repair the cracked grout with Sentura, a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin. Sentura bonds the cracks strongly with its 1200psi adhesions, which is more powerful than any other adhesive. We do not just repair the cracks, we color match the Sentura to the grout color, then we polish and blend the cracks into the surface.

Carrying A Five Year Labor Warranty

Once we restore your tile and grout, you will enjoy crack, mold, and stain free shower and floor with a five year labor warranty, if taken care of with Valore. Valore is a maintenance cleaner, which is very easy to use. It coats tile and grout while sanitizing the surface. Just apply it once every two weeks and keep the durability of your surface for a lifetime.

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