Choosing The Best Beachfront Hotels In Jaco Costa Rica

February 4, 2022

Has Costa Rica always been your dream destination? While it provides an array of vacation destinations, Jaco has rapidly become the perfect vacation spot for most tourists flocking to this country. 

This relatively small beach town offers a tropical climate, pristine beaches, lush scenery, rare wildlife, various water activities, an astounding range of global cuisines, and much more. It provides a vast array of trips, tours, and activities for adrenaline junkies, animal lovers, nature adorers, and beachgoers. 

During the dry season, from December to March, tourists can soak in the sunshine and enjoy temperatures up to 34 degrees. The wet season is a nice period for visits as well, particularly for surfers.

Most of the best beachfront hotels in Jaco Costa Rica provide luxury at their best.

Learn how to choose one. 

What to look for in a beachfront hotel?

Although all beachfront hotels are expected to deliver a magnificent experience, there are certain factors that first-time travelers to Costa Rica should look for in one. For instance, one of the factors on your checklist should be a beautiful beach. While all beachfront hotels are situated on the beach, not all beaches are breathtaking and gorgeous. 

Travelers are advised to look for blue or turquoise waters, warm enough to enjoy swimming, as well as golden sands that sift through the toes. The setting will be even more stunning if palm trees sway in the breeze. Fortunately, you won’t have any concerns when choosing a beach in Jaco, Costa Rica, as all of them are special to behold.

Moreover, the best beachfront hotels should have world-class restaurants offering extraordinary seafood. Make sure to check the menus to see the selection of dishes offered by a particular hotel. Some of the most delicious dishes include pink shrimp, avocado and palm salad, burrito, quesadilla, nachos, tuna, eel, etc. 

A poolside bar is another option you should be provided with when enjoying the hotel’s swimming pool. Having a margarita or another cocktail without entering the restaurant is very convenient. When you do not feel like swimming in the ocean, you can sit at the poolside bar and still enjoy the marvelous look of the magnificent beach and the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean. 

No vacation is considered fully relaxing if you don’t pamper yourself by enjoying on-site spa treatments. The best beachfront hotels in Jaco have spas located in front of the Pacific Ocean for guests to listen to the sound of the waves and be caressed by the ocean breeze while having a treatment. Some of the most popular spa treatments include a relaxing massage, deep tissue massage, hot rock massage, massage with bamboo, paraffin wax treatments, manicure, pedicure, etc. Check out the amazing health benefits of a hot stone massage. 

Another possibility to harmonize your mind and body is by taking advantage of the yoga classes offered by high-class beachfront hotels. These classes are practiced either on the beach or on the water. Travelers interested in surfing should look for hotels that offer surfing classes led by certified instructors who are lifeguard trained as well. 

Room location is another aspect to consider when booking a room in a beachfront hotel. You can choose between an oceanfront and beachfront view. The former provides a view of the water, whereas the latter provides a view of the beach and ocean right outside the door. In general, a room with the latter is costlier because of having direct access to the water and beach. 

Make sure you check the list of amenities prior to booking a room. Some of the amenities to look for in beachfront hotels include an outdoor pool, room service, restaurant, poolside bar, water sports facilities, spa and wellness center, free parking, concierge service, tour desk, luggage storage, safety deposit box, terraces, air conditioning, water activities, airport shuttle, etc. 

Why visit Jaco in Costa Rica? 

Costa Rica is a magnificent country situated in Central America, bordered by Panama, Nicaragua, the Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. Jaco is a dream destination for the majority of tourists heading to this country. It is located only an hour and a half from San Hose airport and is easily accessed by travelers looking for a destination with beachy charm. The following link,, provides a travel guide to Costa Rica. 

Moreover, Jaco is often described as one of the best worldwide surfing locations, boasting challenging waves and fun water activities. Visitors can take advantage of endless possibilities for getting surfing and snorkeling lessons. The waves are perfect not just for intermediate surfers but also for beginners, depending on the spot. In contrast, advanced surfers can visit Playa Hermosa, known for its black sand and consistent waves.  

This beach town has a reputation as a party monster due to the numerous bars and nightclubs waiting for tourists to visit. There is a myriad of open-air beach clubs with pools in the middle and sand dance floors. If you are not into nightclubs, there are plenty of tavernas, beer breweries, and cocktail lounges to go to. Make sure to try Chili Guaros, the traditional cocktail shots in Costa Rica, made with tomato juice, sugar cane liquor, lime juice, and hot sauce. 

Wildlife lovers would definitely fall in love with Jaco, as it’s surrounded by stunning scenery, waterfalls, rivers, rainforest, and mountains. Families with children are recommended to visit Playa Herradura, shaped like a horseshoe, which is safe for swimming. 

The Carara National Park is the perfect destination for visitors interested in tropical flora and fauna. While exploring the park, you can see howler monkeys, armadillos, rare bird species, poison dart frogs, etc. Conversely, a trip to the Manuel Antonio National Park enables tourists to see raccoons, sloths, toucans, squirrel monkeys, parakeets, hummingbirds, and ocelots. The tropical climate of Costa Rica, particularly the wet season from April to November, is the reason why this country is so green and lush. 

Final word

Jaco is home to numerous world-class beachfront resorts. 

It is worth the trip!

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