Two Getaways For Valentine’s Day

January 26, 2018

Valentine’s Day is coming up next month and those of you who are looking for inspiration for combining this romantic holiday with a nice getaway, then the following are two suggestions that will offer two completely different experiences. As Valentine’s Day is typically an adult holiday, this post is dedicated to those who either have no little ones yet or those who can find it in their hearts to leave their young one(s) in loving, responsible hands and enjoy the company of each other, which is sometimes a challenge in their normal parent routine.

Mediterranean Valentine’s Day Getaway

The Mediterranean, specifically Greece, is a longtime favorite of mine. Whatever the occasion, I will find any excuse to match this destination to a wonderful getaway. If you are wondering why, then the answer is that it is effortlessly capable of providing a wide range of indelible holiday experiences, all year round. A paragon of the Mediterranean climate, Greece enjoys phenomenally mild winters, typically, crisp winter days full of sunshine for the most part, and temperatures being very bearable indeed. Its capital city, Athens, is a true sight to behold. It is timelessly enchanting and romance in this ancient place comes naturally. Apart from the impressive monuments and the countless landmarks to discover, the more hip, modern side of the Athens is also intriguing in its own right, and sauntering around will immerse you into the artsy side of this vibrant city in no time.

Romance At Andronis Athens

Combine staying at the Andronis Athens boutique hotel right in the heart of Psyri area. You can read more about it in this previous blog post. And since Greece is also a place for retreating into the mountains for a more wintery experience if you like, Arachova, a mountainous village with a ski resort and lively nightlife for apres ski, is easily accessible from Athens. You may wish to stay there for a couple of days or you can choose to explore it for a day, also visiting the spiritually charged Delphi site that will leave you utterly speechless. Check the sensational itinerary for private day tours from Athens to Delphi that will give your Athenian visit an added value, expanding your horizons beyond the confines of the city too.

Exotic Valentine’s Day Getaway

If you are the adventurist type of traveler and wish to experience a tropical Valentine’s getaway filled with incredible and unspoiled natural vistas, then why not consider a Costa Rica cruise? You will also be able to visit Panama on the same cruise, but the highlight of this trip is definitely the abundance of Costa Rica’s natural sites and park reserves. It is a place that is best enjoyed over the dryer months between December and April, so a mid-February Valentine’s getaway there seems absolutely ideal.

A cruise means you can explore the fascination of such astonishing destinations with minimal effort and hassle on your part, while you can fully absorb the blissful vibes of being at sea, even sunbathe or take a dip from the comfort of the ship’s deck. A semi private cruise like this allows enamoured couples to socialize as much as they want with fellow passengers, while for the more intimate moments that unfold, your private cabin becomes your romantic sanctuary away from everyone. All the best features of Costa Rica and Panama have already been sorted out for you to experience, so convenience is guaranteed and you can be as involved as you want in the land excursions since participating is optional. The element of luxury is also apparent, but in a discrete way, so that it does not detract from the overall frugality that is the quintessential charm of such a demure destination.


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