Travel Guide To Kauai Garden Island

September 25, 2020

Is Kauai on your Bucket List? This Hawaiian island, situated in the Pacific Ocean, is the right destination to have the holiday of a lifetime. Its nickname, the Garden Isle, refers to the tropical rainforest that covers the largest part of the island, accompanied by canyons, secluded beaches, secret waterfalls, and challenging trails. 

The shores of Kauai can be explored in a myriad of adventurous ways, such as taking a boat trip, hiking deep inside the rainforest, snorkeling, surfing, or riding in a helicopter.

The following travel guide to Kauai Island reveals the best times to visit, the most delicious dishes to try, the most convenient means of transport, as well as the must-see attractions. 

When To visit? 

Tourists can experience the charm of Kauai during different periods throughout the year. Peak season from December through March is considered best for everyone who wishes to avoid the cold winter months back at home, whereas the high season from June through September is ideal for tourists looking for a traditional summer vacation.

Nevertheless, the spring off-season from mid-April through mid-June, as well as the one at the onset of fall, between September and November, provides vacationers with bargain rates, ideal weather, and no crowds. 

How To Get Around? 

While most of Kauai’s locations can be accessed by car, some spots can only be accessed by taking a boat trip. Hiring a rental car is the best way to get around the island, given that the main road takes you from the North Shore to the South Shore in less than three hours. 

Anyhow, the island is not entirely circled by road due to the lush forest region on the Western Shore. The world-famed Na Pali Coast can be either accessed by boat or hiking. The best way to explore the shores is on foot or by riding a bike, as long as you put sunscreen prior to exposing yourself to the radiating sun.

The South Shore is famed for the sunny weather and the opportunity for tourists to enjoy water sport activities, which makes it a bit overcrowded. In contrast, the lush North Shore provides a relaxed, serene atmosphere. Many tourists prefer it for the quietness, despite the daily share of rain showers. 

The Eastern Shore features pristine, sandy beaches and a couple of small towns, offering a myriad of shopping and dining options to vacationers. This part of Kauai is considered slightly less popular, hence compensating with lower accommodation prices. 

What To Eat?

Vacationers are not advised to leave Kauai without tasting some of the traditional dishes of this island. For instance, meat lovers would enjoy Laulau, a pork dish, prepared in an underground oven, combined with white rice or noodles. 

Moreover, Poke is another popular Kauai dish, referring to raw fish, cooked with avocado, tobico, and onion. If you are fond of soup, the Saimin Soup, prepared with noodles, meat, boiled eggs, and vegetables, is undoubtedly the right choice. Click here to check out the must-try dishes when visiting Kauai. 

What To See?

Queen’s Bath is one of the must-see stops, referring to the natural swimming pool, situated in Princeville. The pool is surrounded by cliffs, beyond which sea turtles and colorful fish have a swim. While Queen’s Bath is safe for swimming, it is completely forbidden for cliff diving.

The Kalalau Trail is supposed to be on the Bucket List of every visitor of this island, particularly the ones that enjoy hiking. It starts at Ke’e Beach, takes you to Hanakapi’ai Beach, and finishes at the Hanakapi’ai Falls. Owing to the frequent rainfall, the trail is known to be rather slippery, including a couple of river crossings. Make sure you purchase a pair of waterproof hiking sandals, which are essential for crossing the river more easily. 

The Northern Shore provides tourists with the opportunity to visit the Secret Beach. While it is ideal for taking a stroll, it is not recommended for swimming and snorkeling. Be prepared to walk down a steep trail in order to reach the beach, which requires wearing supportive shoes. 

Final Thoughts

Enjoying the sunny weather, lush forest, sandy beaches, and tasty dishes is never enough on Kauai. Make sure you visit it someday!

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