Seven Ways To Become Your Own Boss

April 26, 2019

Becoming your own boss opens up your world to more travel and freedom in your career. It can be difficult to know where to start or how to become your own boss, but it is extremely liberating once you are able to accomplish it. 

The most important thing is to follow your passion and build your business around that passion. The trouble is figuring out how to do just that. Check out our list of great ideas for becoming your own boss today:

  • Start A Child Care Service

Do you love kids? Then starting a child care service might be the right choice for you! Creating a home daycare business allows you to work out of your own home, as well as set your own fees and hours. This could be anything from a simple babysitting service to a full on day care. Find what scheduling works best for you and build your child care business around it.

  • Create A Bed And Breakfast

A home or inn can easily be converted into a traditional bed and breakfast. If you love hosting guests and taking care of others, this is a great option to start your own business. 

If you want to take a less interactive approach, you can easily rent out your own home or other properties with companies like Airbnb and VRBO. You can set your own prices and choose when you want guests, creating true flexibility for you!

  • Become A General Contractor

If you like handyman work and want to start working on larger scale projects on your own time, becoming a general contractor is a process that you may want to look into. You will have to obtain a general contracting license, but there are many companies that can help you accomplish this. At Contractor’s Institute and similar companies, you can study for your license exam so that you pass on the first try. 

  • Develop An App

If you have a computer science degree or experience with coding and you have a great idea for a mobile app, there is nothing stopping you from developing your app today! All you need is an idea and a plan to get started. 

You will also need a business plan, choose a platform, and work out marketing for your app. This can be a great team project for you to lead. You will not only be your own boss but the boss of others as well! 

Once your app launches you can start making a steady income if it is successful. 

  • Start A Crafts Business

If you have an artistic flare, you might have thought about starting your own craft business. You can work on your own time to complete your artistic projects and use platforms like Etsy to sell your products online. You can also become a vendor at your local flea market to sell your products in person.

  • Become A Driver

Services like Uber and Lyft are all the rage these days, and you could be a part of that! You can sign up to become a driver quickly and easily as long as your car meets some standard requirements.

The biggest perk is you will be able to choose when you drive and where you drive. Stock your car up with free snacks and a spare phone charger to get higher ratings and make more money.

  • Become A Transcriptionist

If you have expert typing skills, you might want to consider starting a transcription contracting service. Transcription services typically involve listening to audio and typing it as you listen. This is a great option for working at home or anywhere you like if you have a pair of headphones handy!

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