All About Dementia Care Facilities

May 11, 2019

The choice of assisted living for seniors are many, but if your loved one is suffering from memory diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia, then you must choose some memory care facilities especially created for them. These long-term care units with residential facilities look after the elderly with the compassion and care they deserve to take care of the deficient memory that can cause some serious lapses in healthy living.  Since memory loss is common among elderly people as it is part of aging, any assisted living facility will likely have some memory care center. However, it only partially addresses the needs of those suffering from more serious memory problems. A dementia care facility exclusively dedicated to the cause of the sufferers is what they need.

Memory care is special

Unlike the treatment of other diseases that can do with limited time care, memory care needs full-time support from caregivers because the patients need more assistance than any normal elderly person.  How to care for patients with memory impairment is something different from general nursing, and it involves special skills and training to handle people suffering from dementia. Memory care includes specialized nursing care with complete focus on the needs of those who have Alzheimer’s disease that not only robs them of their mental abilities almost completely but also inhibits their physical activities.

Highly supervised care

Caregivers for dementia patients accompany them round the clock and are always available to reduce the mental agony that arises from repeated failure to lead a normal life on their own. Dementia care calls for highly supervised nursing by understanding the varied nuances of the disease and its manifestations because it affects different people differently. The care and support must be completely tailor-made for individuals by understanding their behavior and expectations.  The support covers patients extensively as they receive all kinds of assistance to go through their daily tasks like bathing, dressing, eating, medications and even transportation.

A place for pets too

 Assisted living facilities aim at providing the homeliest environment to the residents who can lead a life in the way they would do at home.  If your loved one chooses to go to an assisted living facility along with his or her beloved pets that become part of their lives, it should not be a problem. Many pet friendly assisted living facilities are available that addresses the special needs of residents who want to bring the pets along with them at their new home. Indeed, the charges would be higher than the facilities without pets, but then, the happiness derived by the residents for bringing the pets along is so much that the extra cost might seem insignificant.

Unless dementia of Alzheimer’s is an immediate concern, one would do well to move to an assisted living facility with memory care center. But since rapid degeneration of the brain sets in as the disease progresses with no chances of preventing it, it is better for dementia patients to move to a dementia care facility even if the signs and symptoms are not so much pronounced.

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