Surefire Ways for Buying the Right Screen Doors for Your Home

May 12, 2019

Buying the right screen doors for your home may be more complex than you think about it. A number of factors come into play, while determining your choice. People generally opt for screen doors that prevent unauthorized access to their homes, while allowing adequate amounts of air and light to stream into the interiors.

You might also install a combination of screen doors and storm doors. The latter can block the drafts during the cold season, mitigating the loss of energy. Besides, some of these doors come with tempered glass panels that you can replace during summers with insect screen panels. These doors keep the main door protected from bad weather conditions. You may explore the new models that look visually appealing.

If you are looking forward to installing a screen door in your home, you will find the following guidelines beneficial.

Choose the right frame material

When you look for the right screen doors, make sure to get the right frame material. The reputed manufacturers develop the high-quality frames that support the screen door. It is recommended to buy these materials from a reputed company to ensure high quality. The frames are secure and can be customized for each of these doors.

Apart from this, the manufacturing company may have set certain standards. You need to ensure that the frame lives up to these standards. People generally buy frames that are resistant to corrosion. This ensures that the door does not get corroded, when it is exposed to harsh weather conditions. Under no circumstance can you compromise with the security of your home. Besides, the link between the channeling and the main frame needs to be strong.

Number of Hinges

While installing screen doors, it is important to consider the type of hinges you are using. It is advisable to use a hinge that comes with a permanent hinge pin. This is non-removable in nature. Besides, the door should have at least three hinges. In order to ensure a better protection, make sure that the hinge pin is welded on the leaf of the hinge. You should also buy large hinges that gives you a better protection. Attach the screen doors to high-quality and robust hinges in order to strengthen the security.

Quality of grilles

The grilles that you install along with the screen doors need to be strong and thick. The experts can get them fixed correctly. It is for this reason that most people seek professional services while installing the screen doors. Even if you choose the most powerful grilles, failure to fix them correctly with the door will leave security loopholes. When the grilles are riveted to the door, make sure that all the spots have been properly attached to the frame. You also need to consider the spacing between two consecutive grills. Leave at least 25 cm. space, so that you can have a strong connection between the grilles.

A few additional tips for you:

Here are some extra tips for buying screen doors that will refine your experience:

  • Buy aesthetically appealing screen doors, that enhance the curb appeal of your home
  • In many houses, people get a combination of screen door and storm door
  • In case you have children or other factors around that can damage the door, have a consultation with the professionals for the right solution
  • When you install the screen doors, make sure they go well with the overall interior design of the property
  • Get a door that involves lower maintenance efforts and costs


While buying the screen doors, check out the type of infill. You can choose steel infill, stainless steel mash and aluminum infill. For further guidance, get across to the reputed companies for a detailed briefing. While you make the buying decision, do not forget to check the installation menu for the product you purchase to discover how many pieces need to be assembled and how many pages of installation directions exist.

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