What To Do If The Drain Is Clogged?

May 21, 2019

Not uncommon in many households — the drain is clogged. What should you do? There are a number of household remedies that help to clear the drain. In the worst case you have to consult a specialist, such as Morris Jenkins.

What causes a clogged drain?

That usually happens very quickly. At first the water runs off very slowly until it suddenly stops running. The cause is often food leftovers that are disposed of in the sink or hair and the like from bathing and showering that are washed unhindered into the drain. But also fat and soap residues lead to a clogged drain in the course of time.

What can you do for yourself?

The pipe cleaning spiral is very helpful. With this you can remove larger dirt accumulations from the pipe and the drain and the water can run off again. Of course you can also use chemical agents for cleaning the pipes at home. Here, however, it is important to be careful with the application and to adhere exactly to the manufacturer’s instructions. Not only damage to the pipeline can occur, but also health problems caused by gases that have formed. If you don’t want to commit yourself to pipe cleaning, you can of course call an expert who will usually solve the problem within a very short time. Ideally, you should inform a local company, because they are usually on the spot quickly and there are fewer travel costs. If it is not a question of a drain but of a sewer congestion, a pipe cleaning emergency service is necessary in any case. Here qualified personnel with the right tools must be consulted.

Avoid clogged drains in the future!

Once you know the problem with a clogged drain and have to organize a specialist company, you will certainly pay more attention in the future that the drain does not clog so easily. First and foremost, you should not flush any food leftovers through the drain, because the fat in the food causes the pipes to become sticky and more and more deposits can settle — recommend the specialists from Rohrreinigungsnotdienst. Furthermore, it is advisable to rinse every drain in the house with hot water at least once a week. This allows grease and soap residues to be dissolved and drained more easily. For the toilet, which also flows into the drain, nothing else usually applies. Food leftovers have no place in the toilet. Here, too, leftovers settle in the pipes and become an obstacle. The same applies to diapers and monthly hygiene products. Furthermore, one should regularly use the large flush, so that residues are flushed with greater pressure into the sewer system.

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