Helpful Tips for Installing Architectural Roofing Shingles

May 26, 2019

Home decor-enthusiasts, willing to install architectural roofing consider a wide range of options when it comes to materials. However, when you install the roof shingles, you should avoid making certain mistakes. Most of the property owners seek professional roofing services from well-renowned companies.

Also, you may choose asphalt shingles, or other materials, as per your budget and requirements. Reputed roofing contractors shoulder the responsibility, ensuring that you can get the best value of the investment. If you are looking for architectural roofing services, you may consider contacting one of the recognized service providers around.

Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Your Architectural Roof:

When you get the roof installed, make sure to avoid the following mistakes:

Untidy surface:

At the outset, experts need to clean the roof surface. An untidy roof surface can mess up the entire installation process. You must note, that the tar used in roofing gathers debris. This leads to the penetration of water below the roofing seal. As a result, some leakage might occur. Therefore, you need to get the surface of the roof cleaned at first.

The reputed architectural roofing companies know the procedure and they use good-quality mold preventive and detergent for this purpose. When the installation process starts, make sure to remove the broken shingle pieces, nails and tools.

No barriers:

Adding barriers and baffles around the tiles is a reliable way to secure them. When the architectural roofing installation process is over, make sure to secure the tiles using these materials. At the edge of the roof, you may fit a water barrier, so that ice that gets built up along the ridge does not penetrate into the shingles. Besides, the ice may also develop in the gutters. This is one of the best ways to enhance the durability of your roof.

The reputed companies recommend installing simple barriers in these areas. People also use wind baffles that keeps the rain away from penetrating into the tiles. You need to use them with ridge or hip shingles, so that no leaks occur on the roof.

Experts always take care of the tiles, ensuring that no damage occurs to the materials when they install the roof. Besides, placing too much weight on a particular side of a tile may break them. Get across to reputed architectural roofing for flawless services.

Using improper nails:

The nails used to secure the shingles on the roof needs to be customized for the purpose. Generally, the reputed service providers use corrosion-free roofing nails or galvanized steel nails. Make sure that you get this verified against the local building code norms. The manufacturer may also provide certain recommendations regarding the usage of these nails. The established architectural roofing companies provide reliable services, ensuring a high durability for the roof.

A few more things to focus on:

Here are some additional tips that will enhance the overall installation process:

In case you want to install double roofing layers, you may lay a new roof over the existing shingles. This will help you to make some savings. In this case, you need not get the old roofing removed. However, in some areas, the building code may prohibit such an installation, and you may have to completely tear it off. In these cases, you should make sure that the previous roof is in a good shape. Irregularities on the surface may lead to problems in the installation process.

You may also use water and ice membranes, wherever necessary. This type of membrane is an impermeable fabric, and these are rubberized, that keeps the surface protected against moisture. It is best to talk to the architectural roofing experts for further guidelines regarding roofing.


Indeed, an adequate valley installation is a crucial component of any roof, ensuring the long-term protection of this unsafe area. Therefore, it is always a good idea to install architectural shingles using the open-valley method for the excellent roof performance.

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