Five Reasons To Learn A Foreign Language: Even If You Are A Shy Person

June 11, 2019

It is never too late to start or start again: taking Spanish, Italian, or Chinese lessons has many advantages. If you doubt it, see our five reasons to learn a new language:

Learning A New Language — A Personal Enrichment Source

1. During your stays abroad, speaking the local language is much more enriching since it allows you to interact directly with the natives to learn more, especially about their culture.

2. More rewarding, and also more practical: everyone does not speak English, being able to communicate in the local language makes you more independent. If you are planning a trip to Spain, why not learn Spanish in Barcelona?

3. Intercultural relations that can be established by learning a new language are, on the human level, particularly enriching.

4. You will improve your memory: studies have found that people who speak several languages ​​can easily find shopping lists or other indications; they are also better able to tell the difference between essential information and less important information.

5. You will learn to think differently, to see problems in a new light.

What If You Are A Shy Person Learning A Language?

As a shy person, you have an unfortunate tendency to set the bar very high, far too high. Being demanding is a good thing, but if the mere fact of making a grammatical mistake or mispronouncing a word is enough to make you think that the language is resisting you, perhaps it would be time to have more realistic expectations.

There is no harm in being a beginner and even totally ignorant in a language, especially when you know that there are many thousands on Earth. So accept to take your first steps and finally offer you this right to the error that you have always refused.

Social Anxiety Or The Fear Of Being Judged Permanently

Another symptom of shyness is the belief that if you do not succeed in speaking perfectly, you will trigger laughter, mockery and scathing remarks. If such a conception will seem absurd to some, it is more widespread than you imagine.

By regularly practicing the language, you will soon realize that the majority of the native speakers to whom you will address will be happy to help you in your project.

Like all activities, learning a language can be viewed with skepticism or hostility by an individual’s entourage. Some people put so much energy into trying to convince their loved ones that learning a particular language was a waste of time and money, but it is a common phenomenon.

If you find yourself one day in this case, better ignore the donor of lessons, which will also rarely have a thorough knowledge of your target language.

The rest of the time, get rid of this fear of judgment. Yes, sometimes your mistakes will make you laugh, but it’s simply because they cause an unexpected effect!

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