How To Keep Yourself Safe When Moving Overseas

June 14, 2023

Whether you have secured a new job or a looking for a fresh start, moving abroad can be incredibly exciting. However, as you begin to plan your trip and pack your bags you must remember to consider your safety.

From navigating unfamiliar locations to dealing with language barriers, you may face some daunting challenges along the way. Thankfully, there are steps you can follow so that everything goes according to plan. 

Interested in learning more? Below we are going to discuss some of the best tips on how to keep yourself safe when moving overseas.

Research Your Destination in Advance

When you are preparing for an international trip it is crucial that you take some time to research your destination before departing. From the local culture to the customs and laws – you want to learn as much as you possibly can.

By being knowledgeable about your destination and common safety concerns you will be better equipped to avoid potential risks. Not to mention it will give you some much-needed peace of mind if you are a rather anxious traveler.

Purchase Insurance

Travel insurance is essential when moving to another country. It can cover a wide range of unfortunate circumstances such as medical expenses, loss of property, and other travel-related accidents.

Just be sure to read the policy details carefully and ask questions if something is not clear. You want to be sure that you are covered in all of the right areas until you get settled into your new home.

Plan Your Transport

Getting around in a different country can be rather stressful, especially if you have not been there before. So, ensure that you have a safe method of transport when you arrive at your destination. Research local public transport options and get a list of any schedules.

If you plan to buy a car and drive, check that you meet the requirements to obtain an international driver’s license. It is also wise to keep a map and GPS handy at all times, just in case you do happen to get lost.

Secure Your New Home

After arriving at your new home, it is best to take a few additional safety measures. For instance, you might consider installing a sturdy deadbolt lock and a peephole on the front door.

Extra window security, alarms, and cameras are all additional ways to deter intruders. While these measures can be expensive, they certainly are worth the investment if you live alone.

Learn Basic Phrases In The Local Language

If you are moving to a county where they speak a different language, you should learn some of the local phrases before you arrive. It can help you in a variety of situations, such as asking for directions, ordering food, or seeking assistance.

On top of this, it enables you to blend in more naturally so that you become less of a target. It also shows that you respect the culture and can help you to form new friendships with other expats and locals.

Be Aware Of Scams

Unfortunately, scams are a common occurrence in many countries and it is easy for untrustworthy individuals to spot a new expat in the crowd. Before your arrival, learn how to spot and avoid scams such as pickpocketing, identity theft, fake sales, etc.

You should also be wary of any strangers offering unsolicited help, asking for money, or trying to convince you to take something. You can read more about some of the most common scams to avoid here.

Keep Your Documents Safe

No matter where you are moving to, your passport and other travel documents are crucial and must be secured correctly. Look into purchasing a small separate folder or bag so that they are contained and easily accessible.

You should also make copies of anything important and keep them in another safe spot in case you do happen to lose something. Once in your home or accommodation, a small safe is your best choice for keeping them out of sight.

Stay Connected

While you may be focused on your move, do not forget to keep in touch with your loved ones back home during this transition. By staying connected with family and friends you can seek their support if you do happen to be involved in an unfortunate situation.

Alongside this, keeping them updated can add another layer of safety. With phone location tracking they can see where you are and alert authorities if they cannot get in contact with you.

Final Words

There is no denying that moving can be rather stressful, but by taking the time to plan and prepare, you can reduce common risks and ensure safe and successful relocation. Remember, it is better to be overly cautious until you get used to your new surroundings, but always schedule in time to have fun too!

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