What Does Architectural Design Mean?

June 22, 2019

Architecture is without a doubt an essential element in the development of the social economy. Over the years, many of the most advanced design concepts have been applied to a building’s design. A lot of today’s architectural services are equipped with high-tech equipment and improved processes. A perfect example here is sustainable development, which somehow elevates architectural design to a whole new level.

In case you did not know, an architectural project comes with a variety of processes. Each of these processes plays a crucial role; hence, they are carefully planned and executed. The goal of these architectural design services to simply achieve safety and comfort in any given project.

So, what does architectural design really mean? How is it implemented or executed? Here is everything about architectural design in a nutshell.

Architectural Design Explained

Architectural design is basically a concept that focuses on the elements of a structure. An architect will be responsible for the overall architectural design and is expected to work on elements and space in an attempt to create a functional and organized structure.

Now, you might be wondering about what these architectural designers really do and how essential they exactly are.

For starters, just because a person designs structures it does not mean he is already an architect. This is actually a common misconception. The same thing can be said for a person who completes and obtains an architectural degree – he is not automatically an architect. Architectural designers are those who actually hold a degree in architecture and design buildings. And much like entry-level employees, they work in architectural companies. Not only do they design a good number of structures, but they are also responsible for conjuring the different types there are.

It is worth noting that before a design can be implemented, a supervising architect is needed in order to sign it off. He does not only support in the overall architectural design, but he also provides help when materializing a design. This is where you will see him obtaining all the necessary permits, creating a deluge of digital plans, and even scrutinizing a bunch of architectural sketches. Even more so, he communicates with contractors and visits every construction project or site.

The Design Process – What Is Involved

Since you already know a thing or two about architectural design – including the difference between an architect and an architectural designer – you might be interested in the different things involved in the overall design process. Basically, the process introduces you to a handful of steps, all of which are important in achieving a design process. They are the following:

Schematic Design – The first step in the design process, the Schematic Design is where the architect jumpstarts the project by gathering all essential information. This could be anything from the needs, materials, design, or whatever can be deemed crucial for the realization of the project. These details are also essential in allowing him to create a series of design completely based on what the client wants. Otherwise, he will not have anything for the client to review.

Design Development – The next step is Design Development, which sees the architect taking all schematic designs from the information gathered and turning all of them into reality. The goal is to come up with a design concept that would need approval. Since the design is still under development here, changes can be made and applied accordingly. That is why the client has to have a clear line of communication, so he can inform the architect of any changes or suggestions.

Construction Documents – An architectural project cannot begin unless all necessary construction documents are obtained and provided. Drawings will be consolidated and detailed for the contractors to have a better understanding. These are also important for clients, so they can actually keep on top of how the building process moves forward.

Bidding – As the name already suggests, the Bidding step is where contractors are being contacted for the project. This is a crucial step, especially since it can be a make or break of a project.

Construction – Once bidding is set, construction can finally start. Obviously, this also means that a contract has already been selected and contracted. Also, the step suggests that the design concept is finalized and ready to be implemented.

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