5 Habits that can Help You Stay Blissful

June 24, 2019

Every individual wants to enjoy a blissful life, but most people are either stressed or depressed. You must have read many articles stating the obvious ways of being happy but in this article, we are going to focus on your integrated wellness.

1. Stay Away from Smartphone as much as Possible:

The modern human is so busy on their phones every day that if a person is made to stay away from his or her phone for more than 5 minutes, he or she will feel anxious. Remember how our parents led most of their lives without a smartphone? Ask them if they lived a happy life, they will tell you how they used to have real conversations with physically present people rather than indirectly through social media. 

If you wish to stay happy and, in the present, minimize your smartphone use and concentrate on the things and people around you more. It will improve your quality of life and make you blissful.

2. Follow a Fitness Routine you Love:

Every other person will suggest you do workout so that you can stay fit and have a healthy and happy life but how can you be happy if you hate the workout you do every day? Doing any activity which you do not enjoy will become a burden which you would want to avoid hence stop opting for the general workouts which most people suggest you. You can stay fit and healthy doing what you love to do. If you enjoy dancing, joining a dance or a Zumba class, if you like stretching then join a yoga class, if you love water then do swimming, if you enjoy running then just go for it. This way you will become much healthier as you will enjoy your workout and stay motivated.

3. Select a Career that You are Passionate About:

Every individual works to earn a livelihood but work consumes a major part of your day hence if you are not happy at work then you just cannot stay blissful. Convert your passion or hobby into a career and make a livelihood out of it. You may not earn as much as before but if you enjoy your work, you are the richest person in the world.

4. Practice Self-Care:

Most people get so busy with their lives that they forget to concentrate on the most important aspect of their life- ‘themselves’. Self-care should be your priority; if you take care of yourself, you will feel less stressed which will help you become more productive. Take relaxing massages, follow your hobby, visit a spa or nourish your body with CBD native oil. This will reduce your stress and you will feel rejuvenated and happier.

5. Become a Morning Person:

Trust me when I say this, if you can manage to get up early to finish most of your work, you will notice that you are working faster, and your energy levels are high. People who wake up early are always fresh whereas others who go to sleep late and wake up late always feel lethargic. Our body goes into the deepest sleep from 1 to 4 am and if you are awake at that time, your body does not restore well hence you may sleep till 10 am but you still will feel tired. Try to sleep early and wake up early to spend blissful days.

Staying blissful is not easy in today’s world which is full of distractions. The simplest way to enjoy a blissful life is to be satisfied with what you have and stay detached from all materialistic items, this will help you find the happiest version of yourself.

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