Thirteen Creative Activities To Keep The Kids Busy This Summer

June 25, 2019

Are you afraid that your kids will not develop creative skills by playing too many virtual games? After all, 42% of children 8 years old or younger have their own tablet and they spend an average of 2 hours and 19 minutes each day on their mobile devices.

Many parents are doing what they can to control virtual play time. Yet, convincing kids to play outside is getting harder. Instead of looking for the best tablet for toddlers, it is time you figure out exciting activities they can take part in. We have a list of 13 creative activities for your kids to do this summer to trigger their imaginative side.

1. Artistic Creative Activities

Let your kids be creative on their tablet devices with the best birthday card maker app. Other creative activities for young children also include making bead jewelry and finger-painting.

2. Rock Painting

Rock painting is one of the more resourceful art activities for kids. Take a variety of rocks from your backyard or garden and paint them with your kids. Add googly eyes.

3. Toys From Recycled Materials

Is your recycling bin starting to spill? Let your kids empty it out for an awesome toy project. Help them make their own trucks, robots, or dolls with the recyclables for quality bonding time.

4. Music Lessons

Give your kids a chance to develop their skills or talents. Enroll them in music or voice lessons with because you never know how useful these skills will be further down the road.

5. Balloon Rockets

Ready watch your little space cadets launch their own rocket ships? Pull out some strings, rolled paper, tape and balloons. For more creativity, don’t forget the colorful broad-tipped markers.

6. Mini Bowling

Taking your kids to the bowling alley can be expensive so why not go bowling at home? Make a mini bowling alley for your little ones as kids’ creative activities at home. All you need are pencil-tip erasers and marbles.

7. Science Experiments

Do you remember the simple yet amazing science experiments you made as a kid? Jumpstart their knack for innovative experimentation with simple projects. Make lava lamps or baking soda-vinegar rockets with them. Or you can teach them to manipulate common lab tools like a microscope so they can be more independent in their own experiments and investigations.

8. Hand Puppets

Here is one of the simplest creative activities for kids that they can do at home. Gather up socks with lost pairs, buttons, yarn, and other art materials. Make hand puppets with them and encourage them to play with them rather than with their tablet devices.

9. Porch Board Game

Take some tape and draw a big board game on the porch with it. Instead of numbers, place other games they could do in each box. You can also let them fill it up themselves with activities they would like to do so they could have fun playing it.

10. Tinfoil River

Let them have a blast this summer by letting them create their own tinfoil river. The creation process will keep them busy enough. Later, watch them chase paper boats around your backyard.

11. Chalk-Making And Chalk Art

Make chalk with them and let them see how it is made. Sometimes, the best creative activities are ones they also learn from. Later, they can use the chalk they helped make on the concrete in the yard.

12. Shirt Designing

Here is creative art for kids that they’ll be able to wear with pride. All you need is sandpaper, a white t-shirt, and crayons. It’s also a great piece to have as a memento.

13. Home Espionage

If you want your kids to do more activity than drawing, put string all over the living room. Tell them they need to get past it like secret spies. Let them take their time looking for inventive ways to get around your string trap.

Trigger Kids’ Creativeness

Those are the thirteen creative activities you can have your children do this summer to keep them busy. Kids already have a creative nature. It’s important you, as a parent, allow it to grow and bloom.

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