No More Blocked Or Damaged Drains: Know The Tricks

June 24, 2019

One of the greatest headaches in your property is blocked drains. They don’t only consume much of your time, but you have to hassle around to unblock them. You already know that trying to unblock the drains without plumbing skills and experience is frustrating. On the other hand, calling a specialist is an expensive affair that you don’t want to entertain.

As you already know, preventing is a better strategy as compared to repairing your drains. You need to perform regular maintenance so that you can avoid costs and hassles of unblocking the drains. This article discusses some simple strategies that you can use to prevent your pipes from blocking.

1. Hot Water

Cleaning drains with cold water makes the situation worse. Cold water has been known to bind most of the materials that are causing blockages hence worsening blockages. You can use hot water to clean the drains.

Running hot water through the sewers helps in removing all the materials that have been left behind by flowing water. However, you need to use the hottest water possible. Hot water cleaning is one of the straightforward methods of preventing blockages in drains.

2. Baking Soda Chaser

A mixture of cleaning powder and baking soda in hot water is one of the best cleaning agents that you can use. As you already know, debris that gathers in your drain, which is known to be the leading causes of blocked drains.

Baking soda is a chemical that works as a cleaning agent and can help in removing all the debris in the drain. It will not only help in breaking down sticky surfaces but will play a vital role in absorbing foul odours from your drain.

3. Use a Drain Cap

You can use a drain protector at the sink plughole, which will be very beneficial in preventing big pieces of debris going down the drain. Most of the drain blockages are caused by big debris materials that enter the drain through the sink plughole or bathtub.

Drain cap helps in catching most of the materials that can be picked with a hand before they go down the drain. You should get a drain cap in your nearest hardware and you can be sure that it will save you future hassles.

4. Ounce of Vinegar

You may not be aware of this but vinegar is one of the most popular natural cleaning agents that you can use to clean your pipes. It is a comprehensive cleaning agent that has no negative impacts on the environment.

Pouring an ounce of vinegar helps in forming a thin film on the drains that prevents the buildup of bacteria and debris on the pipe. You can use this cleaning agent by pouring inside the sewers and then washing it with hot water after thirty minutes.

5. Hire Plumbing Contractors

Sometimes you may not be so confident on Do It Yourself drain maintenance strategies. In such a scenario, you need to call the relining company in the neighbourhood. Relining companies offer drain maintenance programs and they will ensure that your drain is running smoothly.

You can instruct the plumbing contractor to check your drain periodically and remove debris and large pieces of food and other materials before the drain blocks. However, you need to make sure that you have selected a skilled and experienced company to avoid poor maintenance services.

These are some of the simple tips that you can use to prevent debris from building up in your piping system. These tips will help you to clean your drain and ensure it is smoothly running. They will also help you to cut on repair costs and avoid time wasting.

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