Girls! Must wear sunglasses in summer

June 29, 2019

One question comes up every summer, is it necessary to buy sunglasses?

I want to say that the sunglasses are just too! weight! Want! In addition to concave shape, more important is the sun protection and protection of the eyes! Going to the seaside, Tibet, where the ultraviolet rays are strong, must be worn, must wear!

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate skin.By not wearing sunglasses, the sun will make you consciously squint, this little action will make you have more wrinkles. All then sunscreen and eye cream cant prevent you from squinting~

And more importantly, long-term ultraviolet radiation can cause damage to the eyes themselves, and it is easy to get cataracts when you are old. Be sure to protect your eyes in advance!

When little freckles, small wrinkles, all the way to find the door, crying is too late ~

There are a lot of styles of sunglasses on the market, it is easy to pick your favorite style, in addition to fashion, you must choose the right one for you.

Today I will share with you the most popular models in the past two years, and selected the following three categories:

One, retro round

Round sunglasses have been quite hot for the past two years. Not only sunglasses, but also ordinary glasses are popular, and there are many retro styles.

Ordinary circular sunglasses have higher requirements on the face, which is more suitable for small and delicate faces. If you have a slightly larger face, this size might be too large. A large lens will make your face lining smaller.

Unless you are confident in your face, don’t choose a round mirror with too small a lens. Otherwise, it will make your face look large.

Second, the cat’s eye style glasses is playful

The cat glasses frame that is picked up is both avant-garde and retro, and the face type is not so high. Wearing a style will become playful and sexy.

Third, the aviator

The aviator sunglasses are definitely the evergreen trees in the sunglasses. Fashion frontier, enduring style, and almost all face types can fit, and unisex!

Compared to ordinary black or dark brown lenses, the mirrors seem to be more youthful and more stylish.

If you feel that the popular models aren’t your style, you can try some classic models: the design is simple and tough, there is no extra decoration, but it’s better to take the first sunglasses if you want to buy the first one.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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