Outdoor Adventures Around Honolulu

July 1, 2019

Honolulu, Hawaii is located on Oahu’s south shore. This tropical paradise also features many stores and restaurants throughout Waikiki. Beyond Waikiki, its centerpiece neighborhood, you will find hotels, volcanoes, and other attractions. However, because Honolulu is a tropical destination, most tourists roam around the island in order to take advantage of the great outdoor adventures. If you want to try some of the activities that are available in Honolulu, this guide can provide benefits:


You can travel around Honolulu by using shuttles, taxis, or a rental car. Upon arriving in Honolulu, you may want to hop on a tour bus, because the routes will help you study the surroundings. It really is the best way to see everything around you and how it is connected on a ground level. Then, select a form of transportation that suits your daily objectives. If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, use taxis and shuttles to travel around the island. A rental car may slow you down, because you will have to frequently find parking areas. However, it does beat an Uber or Lyft if you will have a lot of personal items to stow.

Honolulu Hotels on the Beach

The Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa has suites and amenities that benefit adventurers. For example, from your suite, you will have opportunities to order room service before traveling around the island. Then, you can energize after a long day by spending time at the spa.

If you want to visit Diamond Head Crater quickly, book a suite at the Waikiki Grand Hotel. This hotel is only a short walk away from the shore, and you can visit Kapiolani Park from your suite by bike.


Diamond Head State Monument is a hiking enthusiast’s dream destination. It has many gorgeous trails that make for unforgettable hikes. When you reach the highest points, you will have a great view of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding area.

At the Waikiki Aquarium, you can observe a variety of sea creatures as they swim around an underwater environment. If you use the audio exhibit guide, you will gather a lot of information about different creatures in various habitats. Given its luscious setting, it has some of the most impressive species on display.

Hanauma Bay State Park is a place where you can go on an adventure underwater. Originating as a place for Hawaiian Royalty to fish and play, it is now one of Hawaii’s most breathtaking attractions. However, in order to explore the ocean, you will have to arrive at Hanauma Bay State Park early, because the parking spaces are tough to come by in the afternoon.


After a fun adventure outdoors, stop by Waikiki Yokocho, and order one of the chef’s Japanese dishes. All of the Asian options are tasty since they are prepared with fancy gourmet ingredients.

Alejandro Mexican Food is worth visiting during lunch after a snorkeling adventure. At this spot, you can buy tacos, burritos, and other spicy Mexican options.

Adventure Strategies

During every underwater adventure in Honolulu, you must always follow the rules, so pay attention when the instructors discuss all of the safety requirements. If you encounter a risky creature or situation underneath the water, you will have to implement the safety procedures to avoid injuries.

On a very hot day, avoid using paddle boards, kayaks, and other equipment that will burn energy. Instead, explore the waters on a board or in a boat while the weather is comfortable.

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