6 Tips to Get Kids Excited about Skiing

July 5, 2019

Getting kids excited about skiing can be a tricky task. They’re usually unsure of what to expect, or really of what they’ll actually be doing. When you’re a keen skier, it’s easy to assume that your little ones will take after you. The truth is, until they hit that powder, they probably won’t know what to think. Here are 6 tips to make sure that the youngsters are as excited as you are on your next family snow adventure.

Break it down for them

Children often get frustrated when they don’t have a sound grasp on what’s in front of them. Chances are, they’ve seen a few clips or pictures of people skiing or snowboarding, but that’s about it. Break the process down for them before you go, so they can feel informed and sure about what exactly it is that they’re off to do! Show them some videos, or maybe even a movie or topical storybook, to help them better understand.

Take them shopping

By involving your kids in the shopping process, you’ll be sparking up excitement weeks before you even set foot in the snow! Let them pick the colour or style of each of their pieces so they can feel like they’re in charge of their kids snow gear and their own little adventure. Make sure that they are kitted out accordingly with thermals, extra layers, a proper down jacket, technical gloves and goggles. Too often the kids’ equipment gets left as an afterthought and this can likely affect how much fun they’re having in the winter weather. Remember that it never hurts to pick up a fun helmet cover, they’ll be so much easier to spot in a sea of junior skiers!

Find a kid friendly destination

They key to your whole family having a great trip is finding somewhere that’s going to work for everyone. Find a family friendly resort that has additional activities for the kids, you and your partner can enjoy some peace whilst they’re off having the time of their lives! Make sure to show your children pictures and videos of the place you’re staying to get the excitement ramped up!

Enrol them in a ski school

A ski school is a fantastic way to make sure your kids stay safe whilst learning a new and exciting skill. A ski school will teach them all the techniques that they need to ski with real confidence. This is a great opportunity for them to make some friends on the family trip. Try to frame this as ski lessons or club, school tends to have a negative connotation on holidays!

Enjoy the après-ski

The après-ski isn’t just for bar hopping! This is a great opportunity for you and your whole clan to sit back by the fire, enjoying a hot chocolate or warm mug of tea. Watch your favourite movie classics, read a book as a family or tell stories around the fire pit. All these activities will give your kids magical memories that will last a lifetime. Also, keep in mind that the snow isn’t just for skiing! Make snow angels, build a snowman or go on an outdoor adventure to tire out any excess energy. 

Find fun beyond the slopes

Whether you’re headed to the snow in your own country, or you’re flying somewhere new, there’s always a whole world of culture to explore. Head down into the surrounding town or village to uncover all that your chosen destination has to offer. Your kids will love the variation!

With these 6 tips, your kids will be itching to strap on their skis!

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