Indulge in an exciting mental adventure by playing indoor games that give you an adrenalin rush!

April 14, 2018

Whenever we talk about adventure, our minds paint a picture of the wild forests and steep mountain ranges, leaping waves of oceans, flowing rivers and rugged terrains, which are ideal settings for an adventurous journey. But the urban lifestyle would allow little time to engage in such outdoor adventure and instead offer some interesting indoor alternatives that are thrilling and highly enjoyable. While outdoor adventures can make the adrenaline flow, the indoor adventures too can do it by challenging your mental abilities to solve puzzles and riddles and cracking codes.  The Hoodwinked Escape Room Manhattan is a notable venue in New York for indoor adventure games that has captured the imagination of the public.

Share the fun and thrill with others

There is a dormant Hercules Poirotor Sherlock Holmes in our subconscious minds that stoke the desire to demystify unexplained situations, crack codes and solve seemingly difficult puzzles to gain extreme mental satisfaction.  We are thrilled to challenge our mental abilities to come out a winner and prove to the world how much superior we are in comparison to the normal human being.  It helps to boost our self-esteem as we consider ourselves more intelligent and smarter than the average person.  By engaging in mental adventure, people enjoy a boost in confidence that brings a sense of well-being and happiness. Above all, the Escape Room in Harlem provides the perfect venue for enjoying the indoor adventure with friends and family. Corporate can use it as module for conducting sessions of team building. It is also the perfect place for hosting private events with a dose of mental exercises.

Adrenaline pumping games

The Escape Room is a concept that consists of different types of games created with the purpose of stretching your mental abilities to the extremes.  Since these are indoor table games, the concept revolves around winning the game that marks your escape from confinement. The most interesting aspect of the games is the high voltage suspense and thrills that surround it, which can set the adrenaline flowing in the same way as you would have experienced in any outdoor adventure.  It is a beautiful way to escape from reality and enjoy the thrills and fun of adventure by using your brains only with minimal physical activities while deriving immense pleasure in re-discovering your abilities to overcome the insurmountable.

Book your room

The venue is attracting a good crowd, and you have to book it in advance to enjoy the game of your choice.  Each game requires at least two people, and a group of eight persons is the maximum number of participants for any game.  The games are categorized according to difficulty level, and you can choose between easy, medium difficulty and hard games that take place in individual rooms.  The games are open to people of all ages, but you have to consider your strengths to identify the difficulty level you would like to challenge.

The games are such that whether you are a novice or an experienced artist, there is something on offer for all.

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