How To Visit The Big Apple On A Budget

March 12, 2018

When you visit New York, you will quickly discover that the city can be quite expensive. Do not let this discourage you, though!

With the proper planning, you can experience the best of New York City without spending too much. Follow these tips from TopView NYC to visit NYC on a budget:

Skip The Taxis

Many people think of hailing a taxi in the city to get where you need to go. This will get very expensive very quickly. Be resourceful and get acquainted with the amazing subway system in the city. Traffic can make taxi rides extremely expensive. Luckily, a subway ride is only $2.75 despite the distance or the amount of time it takes to get there. For people staying longer, a weekly pass is only $31. A monthly pass is $116.50.

Find Free Activities

New York City is huge, so there is plenty to experience. Luckily, some things are not very expensive. In fact, some activities are free!

You can visit the outside of the 9/11 memorial, walk around Central Park, go window shopping in beautiful shops, and see the lights of Times Square without paying a dime.

Many art museums in the city, such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, allow you to pay whatever you wish between 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm on Friday.

Get A City Pass

One of the best ways to experience the city is to get a city pass. There are a variety of passes available, so take your time to select the one that gives you access to the places you want to go and the things you need. Be careful not to buy a pass that gives you things that you won’t use.

Broadway At A Discount

Broadway on New York is an unbeatable experience, but the tickets are extremely expensive. You can still see some of the most talented performers in the world by getting discounted tickets. Go to a TKTS booth to scope for tickets at a discount and look for newsletters that advertise discounted tickets.

You can also consider opting for standing room only tickets that give you a great discount, but poor views and no seat. These tickets average $25 – $35 each. There are some discounts available to students and seniors, too.

Eat Smart

New York is known for its amazing food, but you do not have to eat at expensive places to get the best food in the city. Food carts occupy all of the busy streets and there is nothing more New York than getting a hot dog from a street vendor. New York pizza is also iconic, and you can find good pizza at good prices in every borough. Look in other places to find even more discounts on your favorite foods.

Get A Hotel Outside Of Manhattan

While Manhattan is what many people consider the “real” New York, it is the most expensive of the five boroughs. Look for accommodations in other areas of the city that might be less expensive. You can get to your favorite locations by taking the subway.

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