Top Ten Street Food In Bangkok

July 8, 2019

Thailand is known for its delicious street food. Its capital, Bangkok, is especially renown for its delicious street food. Here is a list of top ten Bangkok street foods you must try:

1. Pad Thai

The first street food on our list is a noodle dish, which is heavily customizable, depending on the food stall. For example, it might include crabmeat, mango, squid, shrimp, prawns, or other shellfish. In whichever food stall you decide to get pad thai, you are not going to be disappointed.

2. Hoy Tod

This dish looks like a pancake, is savory and is filled with oysters and other types of shellfish. You can usually choose whether you want it to be crispy (awlua) or runny (awsuan). Be sure to try both options to find the Hoy Tod you enjoy the most.

3. Khao Niew Mamuang

First Thai dessert on this list. It is made out of sticky rice and sweet mango, which are enhanced by coconut milk. You will not be disappointed by having this dessert after lunch.

4. Satay

This is a skewered meat dish, similar to shashlik in Eastern Europe or kebab in the Middle East and Eastern countries. Thailand has its own spin to it though, as it is usually marinated in a unique way, which involves spicy coconut milk. Satay is usually presented with a peanut sauce.

5. Boat Noodles

These noodles are a dish with a long history, counting almost an entire century. They are usually served in a beef-broth, which is spiced with fresh cow blood. Do not let the blood part scare you away, as boat noodles are among the best noodle dishes in the world.

6. Tom Yum Goong

It is a soup which offers spicy and sour taste profile, which is attained by a plethora of different local herbs. This soup comes with a huge shrimp, which guarantees to fill you up.

7. Som Tam

This must be one of the best street food appetizers on the entire planet. It is made with unripe papaya, which is cut into tiny pieces and dressed in chilies, lime, fish sauce, and garlic. It produces a flavor profile that is hardly found anywhere else. Eating Som Tam you will feel a lot, from heat to coolness.

8. P’Aor

This dish made Petchaburi Soi 5 famous. Other places tried copying it, but no one can beat the original. The place offers four portion sizes, which are small, medium, large, or extra-large. P’Aor is a noodle soup that might be packed with ingredients, such as shrimps, lobster, squid, salmon, and crab. If you decide to get P’Aor, make sure to get it in Petchaburi Soi 5.

9. Khao Mun Gai

A dish with the roots in Singapore has become popular in Thailand. Thai people, of course, improved on it and put their own spin on the recipe. In general, Khao Mun Gai is a bowl of Hainanese-style chicken rice and is usually served with some kind of sauce and soup. The taste profile of this dish drastically differs from food stall to a food stall. Make sure to try a lot of different variations of this dish.

10. Congee

We will end this list with a Thai dish, which consists of vegetables, pork meatballs, and a plethora of different spices. Congee is popular breakfast food in Thailand, because it is light, but packs a lot of calories and nutrients. As a result, it is a great choice to have in the morning to fuel your body for most of the day. With Flights from Singapore to Bangkok cheaper than ever, it is very affordable to get to Thailand.

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