Seven Offbeat Things To Do In Bangkok

November 24, 2020

Bangkok is indeed a trendsetter when it comes to Southeast Asia and is already one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world! The vibrant cosmopolitan city is well known for its trendiest fashion spots, endless night markets, magnificent palaces, and affordable spas. Browse the Delhi to Bangkok flights that meet your convenience and budget, and get ready for an amazing experience in this amazing destination.

Bangkok indeed caters to a wide variety of tastes and is sure to meet all whims and fancies. When it comes to unusual or offbeat things to explore in the city, Bangkok does not lag behind. In fact, it is home to some of the strangest food and oddest places and bizarre items. If you have not seen or explored the weird side of Bangkok, your trip sure is not complete.

 Here are some of the offbeat things to do and explore while in Bangkok.

  1. Siriraj Hospital for those with medical curiosities. If you have a penchant for the macabre and are not put off by the sight of unusual body parts; you must visit the Siriraj Hospital. This is also the oldest hospital in Thailand and is not meant for the faint-hearted. Here you can have a look at the exhibit of ancient medical equipment, specimens of body parts, and other tools and artifacts related to medical science.
  2. Explore the Amulet Market. Once in the Amulet Market; you will find yourself surrounded by corridors and stall selling thousands of sacred trinkets and amulets known to offer protection and ward off evil. The locals and visitors throng the market to buy an amulet that can bring good health and blessings for them.
  3. Visit the Airplane Graveyard. It is indeed a strange sight to look at an abandoned 747 and the two MD-82 planes lying side by side in pieces. What is odder is the fact that the junked planes now serve as a makeshift home for three Thai families. The insides of the airplanes have been stripped off and sold for scrap. The families who live here have redone the interiors and made it homely and comfy. There are pictures of the Thai king, curtains on the windows as you step inside.
  4. Spend one night in prison at the Sook Station. If you have never been to prison because of your good character, well, you would not want to miss the chance of experiencing what a prison looks and like and feel.  All you need to do is head for the Sook Station, where you will be put behind bars in a pair of black and white jammies. Get a mugshot taken for the special memory!
  5. Try the oldest soups in the world. The myth that the longer a wok, the tastier the food holds true for Wattana Panich. The local street food stall has managed to saved their soup every night ever since they opened almost 60 years ago. This is an ancient Chinese technique for creating flavorful dishes and one cannot deny that the soup is indeed very refreshing and tasty.
  6. KC Selfie Coffee. Perhaps one of the most narcissistic things one could do is drinking their selfie. At KC Selfie Coffee, they can exactly do the same and get their selfie or face printed on a cup of coffee. All you need to give them is a favorite picture of yours and the food printer does the rest with safe food coloring inks.
  7. Bangkok Float Center for a weird sensation. Another offbeat experience to enjoy in Bangkok is to float in a total sensory deprivation tank. Even if it fails to enhance your dormant supernatural powers, you will certainly come out more relaxed and less stressed. This is a pretty cool thing to do and worth trying while in Bangkok.
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