Medical tourism: revolutionizing budget travel

July 10, 2019

In the era of technology, the world has peaked unprecedented levels of connectivity and cohesiveness. Our awareness of the versatile cultures, languages, and ethnicities that coexist on one planet; has skyrocketed, boosting our thrill to travel the world despite financial issues. Budget travel, is when your curiosity for discovering the world overpowers your financial capacity, and potential inconvenience could no longer faze you. Likewise, there are individuals with the same drive to cross oceans, but are more realistic towards the potential risks of budget travel. If you fit the latter category, a new trend that is already picking up popularity among travelers, is the perfect in between for you in which you could achieve your objective.

Medical tourism, brings a new meaning to budget travel, by merging together our wanderer spirits with our desires for a makeover. Seems a little odd? Well read along as we break it down for you.

What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is a new phenomenon through which individuals seek medical help abroad at affordable prices and high quality of medical care. Some of the most sought after procedures belong to cosmetic surgery, due to their rapid recovery periods; which grants patients the ability to engage in touristic activities whilst recovering.

Benefits of medical tourism

1- Money saving

Medical care abroad is a fraction of the price in the UK and Europe, indirectly redirecting their patients abroad. Not only is medical care abroad affordable by 70% to be exact, but it parallels the quality of medical care exhibited in the UK and Europe.

In addition to saving surgery costs, some clinics such as the Vera Clinic in Turkey, offer their patients a three night stay in a 5 stars’ hotel on their account. The pre-booked rooms are part of a service package designed completely to facilitate medical travelers’ stay and trip in Turkey, which includes, a personal interpreter, and a private driver.

2- Tourism

Could or couldn’t be the main objective for many health travelers, but it’s certainly longed for nonetheless. Along side receiving a long desired makeover, many enjoy the opportunity this experience provides them to discover a previously foreign country. Countries like Turkey and India, are among the most visited destinations for medical tourism. With their unique cultures, beautiful scenery and landscape, delicious cuisines, and the many monuments to visit, who would give away this opportunity to recover in such breathtaking countries?

In summary

Medical tourism really blends in two of the most prominent characteristics of our generation: our desire to roam around the globe and the inevitable succumbing to vanity that has to affect us at some point in our lives.

This unique combination of vanity and thrill is what helped medical tourism get the attention it did in such a short time. In the end, it did revolutionize budget travel.

Could medical tourism, possibly be the high class sibling of budget travel? Probably!

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