Tips On Where To Find Affordable Teeth Implants

July 16, 2021

Teeth implants, as one of the most popular dental procedure offered by cosmetic dentistry, are something a lot of people dream of. Unfortunately, the cost of teeth implants in countries such as the UK or the USA is so high that many people have to give up on their dream. But what if there is yet another solution to this problem: affordable teeth implants in Turkey?

Why Turkey?

For some of us the idea of organizing a trip to Turkey and choosing a good place to get teeth implants at the same time may seem quite difficult to do without any experience. However, when we think about visiting Turkey for tourist purposes only, the first thing that comes to our minds are the offers of all-inclusive holidays in luxurious Turkish resorts offered by countless tourist offices. It may come as a surprise to most people, but, with help of accredited medical agencies, it is very easy to find all-inclusive treatment packages including the cost of teeth implant procedure, flight, commuting, stay in the top quality hotel and medical consultations with the dentist. 

Of course, the choice of fascinating locations you can visit in Turkey is very wide, but it is very important to prioritise your safety and comfort during the stay. The most recommended and popular option is to choose a clinic in one of the well-known Turkish cities such as Istanbul and Antalya where patients may find top quality clinics, luxurious hotels and a variety of interesting places to visit.

Pregnancy And Teeth Implants

Can I get teeth implants during pregnancy? This is a question a lot of future mothers ask their dentists. Pregnant women are encouraged to maintain regular preventive oral health care but dental procedures such as teeth implants can be performed no sooner than after the first trimester. The majority of oral surgeons suggest that patients should wait till the end of pregnancy as teeth implants require strong anaesthesia and x-rays which are not recommended during pregnancy. After the first trimester, x-rays are safe and the first consultations with oral surgeons can be scheduled.

Preparing For Teeth Implants

Dental surgeons take into account many factors when assessing risks and benefits of dental implants procedure for the patient. While awaiting teeth implant surgery, patients should remember about maintaining good general health condition as the implant surgery involves general anesthesia and, in most cases, a medical release from the primary physician is needed before the teeth surgery.

The preventive oral health care is also crucial as it ensures teeth implant surgery success. Good oral health habits include regular brushing (at least twice a day), using interdental brushes and flossing. Visits to the dentist every six months to monitor teeth and gums condition are also very important. Gum diseases, including infection need to be treated before the surgery to eliminate the risk of possible bone infections after placing an implant base into the jaw bone. 

Bone density is another important factor before the surgery. The surgeon needs to check if the jaw bone is strong enough to support both the implant and the base. In some cases, when the jaw bone damage is serious, restorative procedures need to be completed first. 

Last, but not the least, it is recommended to quit smoking before the teeth implant installment as smoking increases the chance of implant failure. It is advised to quit this habit even several months before the surgery.

Types Of Dental Implants

There are three types of dental implants and the surgeon recommends an appropriate option depending on patient’s dental problems. The most popular types of teeth implants include:

  • A single tooth implant held by one screw which substitutes one missing tooth root, 
  • Bridge implants which usually hold three tooth crowns — the bridge is held by two screws on each side 
  • An arch which substitutes for several missing teeth in the patient’s jaw. An arch can hold even six tooth crowns                                   

Cost Of Teeth Implants In Turkey

The prices of teeth implants in Turkey can be really attractive for a patient coming from the UK, the USA or Scandinavia. They may be able to find offers even five times cheaper than in their home countries. The low cost of teeth implants in Turkey depends on various reasons, but health care services costs, differences in currency, the cost of medical devices and medicines are the most important factors here.

The best way to find the most attractive price for teeth implants is to compare various Turkish clinics and their offers. For those who are not sure how to do it themselves or opt for a more convenient and time-saving option, the help of accredited medical agencies may come in handy. The consultants help patients to find the best all-inclusive offers available in Turkey. 

One thing is certain — teeth implant in Turkey are the best option for those who do not want to spend a small fortune on restoring their beautiful smile.

Before flying to Turkey for an implant, this professional dentist in San Leandro highly suggests speaking with your dentist about their different payment options first. A monthly payment plan could save you the effort and the money to visit another country for just a dental implant.

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