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Tours In Turkey

January 11, 2020
In Turkey, there are lots of places where you can travel to have a hilarious weekend and holiday. Excursion Mania is here to make your trip so easy and including a very cheap rate. Some places are most noticeable and popular for the foreigners. Dalaman is one of them. Dalaman...

Mouth-Watering Treats: Seven Dishes Turkey Is Known For

December 19, 2019
Local dishes and cooking methods always help define a country’s heritage and culture, so it is not surprising to learn that Turkey is a destination where a unique taste experience awaits you. Your taste buds are in for a big treat if you book Turkey tour packages from Dubai, or anywhere...

Five Turkish Sweets To Try When Holidaying In Turkey

May 25, 2016
Turkey is not a destination that is a hard sell for anyone with the travel bug. It is a country packed with superb beaches, astonishing natural landscapes, numerous historical sites, and a cultural scene that makes you feel at home from the moment you arrive. That is before we have...