Mouth-Watering Treats: Seven Dishes Turkey Is Known For

December 19, 2019

Local dishes and cooking methods always help define a country’s heritage and culture, so it is not surprising to learn that Turkey is a destination where a unique taste experience awaits you.

Your taste buds are in for a big treat if you book Turkey tour packages from Dubai, or anywhere else for that matter, as you can start planning which dishes to try first so that you can experience the true taste of the country.

Soups Are A Big Thing In Turkey

You will quickly discover that the Turks love their soups and will be eager for you to try as many of their local variations as possible.

You may not be too keen to have a go at the sheep’s brain soup unless you are an adventurous foodie, but the Corba, made from lentil and tomato, is a very reassuring way to start your culinary adventure.

A Fragrant Specialty

Lamb features prominently in a number of Turkish meat dishes and a great example of a true cultural specialty would be the Kuzu Tandir.

Cooked on the bone, the aroma that emanates from this lamb dish is not forgotten the first time you experience it, and that is before you have the pleasure of tasing it.

Any Time Is Meze Time

If you fancy some snacks or want to enjoy a tasty set of appetizers a meze is a great sharing experience.

If the restaurant features fresh fish on the menu, that would be a good opportunity to enjoy a meze and you might struggle to finish your main course after all these treats keep on arriving.

Available In Meat Or Vegetarian Form

Another popular dish to try is kofte, which is the name given to spicy balls that explode with flavor in your mouth and can be made from meat or you could ask for a veggie option.

These Dumplings Pack A Tasty Punch

If you are a fan of ravioli in a rich tomato sauce you will almost certainly love the Turkish version known as Manti.

Made from beef and lamb and packed with a variety of spices this dish is an enduring favorite that will appear on many menus.

A Turkish Take On Pizza

If you love ravioli you probably love pizza too, and the Turks have got that covered as well with their unique offering called Lahmacum, which is a street food specialty that you will find on sale across the whole of the country.

The flat and crispy Lahmacum is made with minced lamb and a nice mix of Mediterranean spices that ensure one piece is never enough.

Dough Not Miss This Dish

Last but not least, make sure you try a Pide while you are in Turkey, as this is a dish that is a big favorite with the locals for a good reason, it is delicious.

It might look simple on the eye, but your taste buds will have a different opinion of this much-loved dish made from well-kneaded dough and bursting with flavor.

If your mouth is watering at the prospect of enjoying these fabulous Turkish dishes now would be a good time to start planning your visit to the country that delivers a cultural and gastronomic feast.

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