Nine Of The Famous Spots You Must Visit When In Turkey

May 18, 2021

Turkey is one of the fan-favorite places around the world. It is loved by pretty much everyone due to its rich culture, unique architecture, as well as European and oriental elements. It is also known for its incredible souks, hammams, decorative ornaments, and carpets. Not to forget, Turkish cuisine is also finger-licking good.  

In this article today, I am going to highlight a few amazing spots that you must visit when in Turkey. If you are planning a trip anytime soon, you are in for a treat. Alright, let us get this started:  

Hodjapasha Cultural Center

Hodjapasha cultural center, situated in Istanbul, is a restored Ottoman Turkish hammam that is now used for the performances of whirling dervish (Mevlevi). It is a UNESCO cultural heritage site that is visited by millions of tourists every year.  

If you are in Turkey, one thing that you would not want to miss is the whirling dervish performance. It depicts the essence of the rich Turkish Sufi culture. It is a must-watch thing for anyone searching for peace and tranquility.  

Blue Mosque

It does not matter what religion you follow, Blue Mosque is a place to visit. If you happen to have a keen interest in architecture, you will fall in love with this Ottoman-era mosque. Constructed in the early 1600s, it has five main domes, eight secondary domes, and six minarets.   

It is another UNESCO world heritage site located in Istanbul that attracts a massive number of tourists annually. Take a look at Istanbul’s skyline, and you will see how the Blue Mosque is the most attractive of them all. 


Pamukkale, also known as the cotton castle, is one of Turkey’s most popular natural wonders. Located in the western town of Turkey, it is known for its mineral-rich thermal waters. It was listed as the UNESCO world heritage site in 1988.  

The interesting part of the story is that the antique thermal pools in the Pamukkale are a result of a severe earthquake. The entire site was initially used as a Roman spa resort. The great thing is that you can still swim in its thermal waters. Trust me; you’ll forget about Iceland’s Blue lagoon once you visit Pamukkale. 

Mediterranean Cruise

Do not forget about the Mediterranean cruise when in Turkey. Do you think cruising is only possible in Europe? Well, it is certainly not true. If I had to describe the Turkish Mediterranean region in one word, I would say it us breathtaking. The mountainous region is visited by millions of people every season. 

There is not much that you need to do, just get yourself a pair of cheap binoculars so that you can view the distant sites, a map for the perfect navigation, and get on the yacht. You will have an experience of a lifetime. You have my word.


If you are into photography, one place you must visit is the surreal rock valleys of Cappadocia. No wonder it is a dream-come-true place for every photographer. It is famous for its hot air balloon rides. In fact, it is the best place for hot air balloon rides above every other, so be sure to research the Cappadocia hot air balloon price if it is on your bucket list!

Besides that, it is also the biggest attraction for hikers. That is right. In case you happen to be an adrenaline junkie, there is no better place to enjoy hiking than the rock valleys of Cappadocia. Oh, and do not forget to capture all those lovely memories you make. Make sure to pack a professional camcorder when visiting Cappadocia.

Aya Sofya Mosque

It is not just the prettiest place in Istanbul, but also Turkey. Aya Sofya mosque is among the most beautiful buildings in the world. Its spellbinding glory will indeed take your breath away. 

Renowned for its four little minarets, it is one of the most prominent historical monuments linked to the Ottoman Empire. Built in 537, this famed destination needs to be on your bucket list whenever you visit Turkey. Oh, and did I tell you it is another UNESCO world heritage site in Istanbul?


Are you a water lover? If yes, Ölüdeniz is the place for you. Its lush green forests and turquoise blue water will leave you utterly mesmerized. The overall look of Ölüdeniz merely looks like a postcard image. 

The destination is famous for paragliding and skydiving. People from around the world visit it in all seasons to enjoy paragliding with a breathtaking view. It is also home to several sensational beaches as well as holiday resorts, something that attracts tourists.


People often tend to look for beaches whenever traveling abroad. Beaches are loved by everyone, regardless of age and gender. It is precisely why a large number of people visit Thailand now and then. 

If you are a beach person, Patara is what you need to visit. It is located near the old Lycian city in Turkey on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. There are various beaches close to Patara. It does not matter if you are a sun worshipper or a thalassophile, Patara offers something for everyone. 

Aspendos Theatre

Just like Rome, Turkey has its own amphitheater known as Aspendos Theatre. This one-of-a-kind Roman theatre has been preserved incredibly well and whenever one speaks of Turkey, there is no way one forgets about the Aspendos theatre. 

If you are a history fanatic, I am sure you will love to visit this place. It is situated 40km east of Antalya, a modern city in Turkey. It also shares a border with the Mediterranean Sea. Over and above that, the amphitheater of Aspendos has a capacity of holding more than 7,000 people, which lists it among the largest amphitheaters in the world.

The Takeaway 

Apart from all the places mentioned above, Turkish cuisine is something that you must try. I am a big fan of Turkish cuisine, especially Turkish desserts. Kunafa is something that I can have every single day, without burning my tastebuds. 

Rest assured, your trip to Turkey is going to rock if you visit the places I have highlighted. Happy traveling!

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