Where To Find The Best Takeout Food In Orange County

May 18, 2021

Finding good food during the pandemic has become a challenge for many people, especially now that we are limited to takeout and deliveries! However, many of our favorite food places in Orange County have only entertained dine-in customers since the beginning and we cannot do that either. This has led to a major concern over how people can get good food at home from reliable places. To help you solve your takeout mystery, we are sharing the best places offering takeout food in Orange County. Keep reading to find out more.

  1. Andrei’s

Famous for their BBQ pork ribs, this is a place that you can talk to for ordering takeout food. The experience may not have the dine-in vibes, but the food will surely get your attention and keep you coming back for more. The menu is not fixed, and they introduce new combinations every week. As for the ordering, you can get customized meals for as many as eight people which you can create around the main entrée like their beef stroganoff, Vietnamese-inspired pork chops, or of course, their BBQ pork ribs.

Address and Contact: 12081 Garden Grove Blvd., Garden Grove, 657-348-9461

  1. Birrieria el Bandido

We all love tacos, and we can even make them at home easily. However, birria is another experience and you cannot match the flavor that you get at Birrieria el Bandido! Thankfully, they also have the takeout option for their food, and you can get their specialty stewed meats anytime you want. The servings are by the pound and they give enough tortillas with every order to serve a baseball team! The birria is available in two meat options: beef and lamb.

Address and Contact: 12081 Garden Grove Blvd., Garden Grove, 657-348-9461

  1. Buttermilk Fried Chicken

When it is all in the name, do you even need to know more? This family-style takeout option is one of the most popular places in Orange County and that was even before the lockdowns happened. The juicy chicken with the crispy exterior, the divine mashed potatoes and the braised veggies are a heavenly combination that you must try! And when you are ordering your food, do not forget to add two servings of their coconut cake to the order; one for an appetizer and the other for dessert.

Address and Contact: 238 W. Chapman Ave., Orange, 714-941-9124, www.buttermilkfc.com

  1. Clay Oven

Who says you cannot enjoy eating foods that boost your immunity? The spices the food at Clay Oven provide exactly that, along with an intense burst of flavor as well! This place provides family takeout with a minimum serving of 4. However, they have complete customization options, so you get what you want in your meal. We highly recommend adding the black cobra chili-infused tandoori chicken to your order, though and if you think the heat could get to you, then simply add their butternut squash to your order.

Address and Contact: 15435 Jeffrey Road, Irvine, 949-552-2851, www.clayovenirvine.com

  1. Harley

Braised pork shoulders are probably the most versatile dishes that you can use in any way that you can think of. Whether it is inside a taco or in a pork sandwich, the choice is entirely yours. You could even bring your creativity to use it in some other unique way or if you are feeling lazy, you could just eat it as it. What we know for sure is that the flavor of this impeccable dish will make you want to go to Harley for many more takeaways!


There is an abundance of good food options in Orange County these days and you can find most good restaurants doing takeout for their customers. Explore the places mentioned here and let us know how it went for you!

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