How To Create A Killer GoPro Video Edit From Your Adventure

July 19, 2019

GoPro is the king when it comes to taking killer photos and videos while traveling. Just get it out of the box and you will see how amazingly it works. But to achieve that, first you have to learn some techniques that will take your shots to the next level. There are a lot of tips that really work to make an amazing video edit from your adventure. You do not need any magic or an expensive editing tool to achieve that. All you need is some techniques and tricks and you will start noticing changes. In this article, we will discuss those techniques that will really help you out on your journey. So, let us get started:

You have to come up with a story

It is the most significant thing for editing GoPro videos. Fun garish edits are great, yet a video that recounts to a story is incredible. The distinction between a decent video and something that winds up resembling an awful video – is the story! The most serious issue with recordings is that they do not generally recount a story. They are only a blend of clasps that do not convey what truly occurred or constrain anybody to watch it. When I state story, it does not even fundamentally have any words. You can recount a story outwardly by strolling the watcher through the trek or experience. Nonetheless, the absolute best recordings do have individuals in them talking or as the main actor.

Choose your music first

Editing the music is the most significant thing after telling a story. Your song should match the type of your adventure. It would not synchronize if you have a slow guitar song as you are skydiving. The disposition and the pace of the melody should fit the recording and the vibe of the video you are wanting to make. It is important for the tone, as well as for the clips that will fit into the video. Be 100% dedicated to the song before starting out, and you will see you can finally be able to make a video that is as exciting as the music. 

Know the importance of slow-motion

Fast things are really cool as footage, and slowing them down really helps to enhance your videos. You can achieve this by utilizing video editing tools. But you have to keep in mind that you cannot moderate them past what they are equipped for. Otherwise, it will look stuttery. For instance, when you are editing the 30fps timeline along with 120fps footage, you cannot slow it down 4x or 25%, because there will not be enough frames and it will not look good. 

Keep your clips short

It is ideal to keep the clips to the duration of minutes that are enough to show the significant parts of the scene to the people. Generally, we like to keep a shot for 10 seconds, but modern editors are more likely to keep a shot for 2-3 seconds and 10 seconds can appear to be a lifetime except if something extremely epic is going on. 

It is always good to blend in speed ramping

“Speed Ramping” is a leading approach and you can use it to improve your video. It is actually the technique of changing the speed in a particular clip. For instance, you can speed it up while jumping off a boat and then slow it down while the water is hitting and repeat. You can easily highlight the cool parts of your footage as you’re incorporating a fun effect. 

Watch your video like a stranger

It is anything, but difficult to lose all sense of direction in the recording while you are editing and not recount to the entire story. Before you distribute your video watch it from the viewpoint of somebody who was not there with you and ask yourself if the video is intriguing enough to share or does it recount the story you were trusting. If it is all the same to you have a companion you appearing, share it with them and request their input.

You have to learn to edit your footage

In the event that there is something you are attempting to make sense of, you can find a video about it. You can go to YouTube, it is the best spot to discover recordings on the most proficient method to make recordings as well! Regardless of what programming you are utilizing, there is likely a video that discloses to you how to utilize it.

Editing your footage is a must

Video editing sure takes time, but it is a must. The skill gets better over time. Do you remember the first video that you edited in your life ever? It did not look that good, right? It is totally okay. It is a learning procedure. You will get better by editing more and more videos. When I was a beginner, my editing was also not good, however without beginning, I could not have reached this level. Hence, editing is a must.

You are not likely to get everything on the first try with a GoPro. But it cannot discourage you, because you have to keep going on. You will eventually get better by working more at it. Try out new things and it will keep you learning. Gradually, you will be able to determine what your style is and develop it. Working with a camera as little and as adaptable as a GoPro will award you opportunity to explore. So do not be hesitant to attempt new things!

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