Gift Idea: A Stunning Family Photo Book

July 20, 2019

Need an inspiring gift idea for a loved one? Gorgeous luxury bespoke photo books are a great alternative to a random or impersonal gift. The photo book allows the recipient to record and preserve their favorite photographs for viewing pleasure whenever they feel in a nostalgic mood.

The Story Begins

A family photo book is the perfect gift to give to a newlywed couple. This beautiful handcrafted and bespoke photo album is designed to store and display favorite photos of a magical, special time in the lives. It can also represent the beginning of the story of a family and create a treasured keepsake that can be passed down through generations. Include in the photo book the wedding invitations from Bride and Groom Direct to make it even more personal!

After the wedding a newlywed couple tends to settle into marital bliss and they often start a family. A family photo book can record all of the important milestones in their relationship. When their first child is born, the photo book can preserve the special and precious moments from birth. You can create a photo book for every child in the family, so that they each have a unique keepsake to cherish in adult life.

If you have family members who live some distance away or abroad, a family photo book is an excellent way to share experiences, and to keep them up to date with the expansion and growth of your brood. You can even collate all treasured memories with your family that is posted and tagged to your Social Media accounts like Facebook or Instagram and instantly turn them into one stunning photo book! Head over to this link and get started.

Share The Experiences

Your favorite photographs should be proudly displayed and shown off to family and friends at every opportunity. It is such a shame to stash away your family photos in a box where they will languish and be forgotten. Storing photos in a haphazard manner can damage the prints and curl up the corners, making them unappealing to view. Having your favorite photographs professionally arranged in an elegant luxury photo book offers the ideal solution.

Photo books that are filled with your favorite images allow you to share the fond memories and experiences that you have enjoyed with your family, with everyone else. Whilst a standard photo album filled with photos does the job, a professionally designed photo book transforms your favorite photographs into works of art. Luxury bespoke photo books are made with high quality materials and feature elegant and refined designs to make your photos exceptional centrepieces.

You can choose from hardcover or softcover photo books to preserve and present your memories in style. Adding anecdotes, captions, and comments to the photos helps to personalize every page. Your fondest special moments in life will be immortalised in a stylish photo book that will be an absolute pleasure to browse and view.

Create A Unique Coffee Table Book

It really goes without saying that personalized family photo books should always be proudly displayed in a prominent place, like on the coffee table in the living room. If you really want to impress and wow your friends and guests, choose a theme or classic style for your photo book. 

You can present a selection of your favorite black and white photographs and create a unique style bible of your own. Or display an arrangement of images that celebrate special occasions, events, or family holidays. Not only will your family album show off the best photographs, it will also highlight your keen photography skills.

Alternatively, you can create a lavish coffee table book that is filled with professional quality photographs. The most popular photo book of this kind is undoubtedly the wedding day album. However, not every couple wants to get wed in a traditional ceremony surrounded by family and friends. If a secret wedding is much more appealing, you can create a photo book that features your favourite photographs of your intimate special day, to share with everyone you love after the event takes place!

If you are gifting a family photo book to a friend, encourage them to creatively explore their imagination. Inspire them by showing off your own artistic skills and beautiful handmade photo books. Having a personalized coffee table book that is filled with favourite and treasured photographic memories is one trend that all of your friends will want to follow.

Relive Exciting Travel Experiences

Travel photo albums offer an excellent way to document and preserve your exciting adventures, close to home and further afield. Your favorite holiday photos can create a unique travelog for your family and future generations. In days long gone, travel experiences were often preserved in slide format to be viewed in front of the whole family. Unfortunately, this event was mostly a tedious affair.

Thankfully, there is now a much better alternative. Travel photo albums that are professionally designed and handcrafted create a unique gift idea that will be cherished and treasured for years. The bespoke travel books can feature your favourite photographs in stylish layouts that are similar to high quality and exclusive travel magazines and books. Add your personalised comments, date of travel details, and other interesting information to instantly bring the photographic adventure to life.

You can also record your gap year travels to far-flung exotic destinations, or capture the romance of a city break for two, in special themed travel photo albums. These beautiful, elegant tomes are sure to become your favorite coffee table books to browse.

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