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August 5, 2019

When you think of Japan, an image of beautiful landscapes, fantastic history, and outstanding culture appears in front of your eyes. Although Japan is a land of tradition and respecting customs, it is equally fascinating with its top-notch technology and stunning architecture. As seen on https://alljapantours.com, there are numerous opportunities for an unforgettable vacation in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Samurai Festival

Every December, a festival that glorifies Japanese warriors takes place in Tokyo. Also, another grand celebration of samurai happens every April in Kofu, a city not far from the capital. Almost every town or area in Japan has some event celebrating these skillful fighters.

The festival held in Tokyo is one of the most significant events in Japan, and the one in Kofu is best known among fans of samurai. While the Tokyo festival is widely publicized and visited, adventurers prefer coming to Kofu. This event is known as Shingen-ko Festival, by the last name of one of the greatest warriors of Japan. 

This festival revives the spirit of real samurai life, and it attracts more and more tourists to this part of Japan every year. During the honorary march, visitors can enjoy the presentation of the costumes, martial arts, floats, and weapons these brave warriors once used.

Night at the Buddhist Temple

Curious travelers and those who wish to become acquainted with the religions in Japan may decide to spend the night in one of the Buddhist temples. But first, ask around where it is possible because not all temples are open for late-night visitors. 

Tourists usually opt for temples on Koi Mountain or in the vicinity of the former capital of Kyoto. For just a few dozen dollars, adventurers can feel the peace of monastic life or take part in praying or meditating, but only if they adhere to strict rules.

Diving on Pearl Island

Free-style diving, as part of the pearl hunt, is an ancient tradition in Japan. What is quite unusual is that only older women do this. The cultivation of pearls of the highest quality and purity (about which you can read here) has made this land a world leader in this industry. On islands like Izu and Mikimoto, pearl hunting and scuba diving are recognized as tourist potentials. So, if in search of adventure in Japan, don’t miss the Pearl Island.

If you hire an experienced guide and instructor, you will dive through some of the most beautiful underwater areas. Since the island’s location is relatively favorable, the climate is mild, and the ocean ecosystem is vibrant. In addition to the different species of shells that inhabit these areas, you will see so many schools of fish and sharks. You are in their natural habitat, so do nor go on this adventure without experienced crew ready for risky situations.


Although, this city is one of the first things reminding us of Japan, most tourists would not think of it as a tourist destination. And Hiroshima, or a hero-town, as Japanese people call it, is gaining popularity as a reminder of the tribulations during WWII. 

Tourists from Osaka or Kyoto usually come here for day trips, but there is so much to see. One day is not enough time to get to know this city, so make a plan on what you shouldn’t miss in Hiroshima. Some suggestions are the memorial museum, numerous war memorials, beautiful Buddhist temples, and the mystical island of Miyajima where wild deer still walk freely.

Tourists are mostly focused on historical sites and tours that introduce them to the war events of 7 decades ago. Although you can see traces of the destruction and horror that this city has experienced at every turn, Hiroshima is developing and pretending to be one of the biggest attractions in Japan.

You want to taste the food you have not tried before, go shopping in one of the world’s best shopping areas, or enjoy blooming of cherry trees — Japan is the place for you. At first glance, this land of the Far East is a popular destination for people who want action. However, if you ‘go deep,’ you’ll see traces of the rich culture, history, and tradition at every corner. Japan is a place of many contrasts, where everyone can find adventure for themselves.

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