Top Reasons To Travel To Japan

July 20, 2017

I fell in love with Japan the very first time I went there and it continues to be one of my favorite places to visit. The Japanese have one of the best cultures in the world and have so much to offer and I wanted to tell you a little bit more about this special place and a little bit more about some of the amazing things to see and do there:

Temples And Other Monuments

If you like temples and shrines, then Japan is the place to visit. Kyoto is one great example of this and has thousands of temples and shrines throughout the city. Amazingly, eight of these are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and my favorite has to be Saihō-ji, which is a stunning temple with an even more stunning moss garden and serene setting that needs to be seen to be believed. I went with a tour with my travel company the last time I was there and really enjoyed this beautiful place. Aside from this, the city of Kyoto itself is a nice to place to visit to learn more about Zen and other famous things, like the tea ceremony, that should not be missed. 

The Beauty

One of my favorite things about Japan is its natural landscape. The combination of mountains, like the world famous Mount Fuji, the forests of trees, and even bamboo, lakes, and so much more makes Japan one of the most naturally beautiful countries on the entire planet. Japan also has a very intimate connection with nature and many beliefs stem from the nature and the spirits of all living things.

The Rail System

This may seem like an odd reason to travel to a country, but let me explain a little bit more. The rail system in Japan is probably the best in the world. The trains are extremely fast, efficient, and punctual. This makes visiting other cities a breeze and means that you can get the most out of your trip too.

The Food

It is not a secret that Japanese food is some of the best going around and the Japanese approach food unlike any other nation I have seen throughout my travels. There is nothing like eating sushi, sashimi, and many other delicious dishes. My personal favorite has to be sushi for its flavor and texture. This is a true art that I really appreciate and something that never tastes as good anywhere else, it does not matter how good it is.

The Culture

One of the big draw cards of Japan is the amazing culture that it has preserved so well for many hundreds of years. The Japanese carry traditions and values today that they would have had hundreds of years ago and it is truly one of the most elegant cultures. I already talked a little bit about the art of sushi, but the Japanese consider almost everything to be an art in the way that they make and do things. Things like, furniture making, architecture, origami, calligraphy, and architecture, are just a few of the things that the people her excel at and are world famous for.

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