Top Reasons To Visit Mexico

July 20, 2017

If you are looking for your next holiday destination, you should look no further than Mexico. Mexico is one of the most unique tourist destinations in the world, boasting a wide variety of activities for people from any walk of life. Whether you are interested in a relaxing holiday, adventure, or a party destination — Mexico has it all — boasting a wide variety of beautiful culture and scenery, activities, bustling nightlife, and luxury homes in Mexico. I love it so much, that I thought I would write more about it, so here are my top ten reasons for visiting Mexico:

The Affordability

Mexico is without a doubt one of the most affordable holiday destinations available. Since it has the most amount of tourism of any country in Latin America, there are a wide variety of travel specials and packages available for the frugal traveler, allowing you to save a heap of money on your flights and accommodation. The cost of living in Mexico is also extremely low and since $1 is the equivalent of around 17 Mexican Pesos, the cost of purchasing delicious Mexican food and transport is highly affordable. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to haggle with market vendors for anything you want to purchase.

The Food

Mexican food is incredibly delicious and widely varies based on region, but one thing is always consistent: vibrant and fresh food sold by both street vendors and restaurants. From the tacos and tamales sold by local Taquieras, to the more region-specific food such as the local seafood offerings found in the coastal regions, Mexico offers a truly unique vision of ingredients and cooking techniques that will no doubt leave you satisfied. Do not think just burritos and tacos (these are still incredibly tasty), but Mexico is home to many different kinds of food to try, you just need to go and do it.

The People

The Mexican people are known for their kind and welcoming nature and are always willing to help tourists navigate their local area or suggest their favorite local eatery. I love this, because it is so refreshing to feel welcome in a country where you may not speak the language or know where you are going. Although Spanish is the primary language spoken in Mexico, many Mexican citizens also speak English, which can lead to some great conversation and banter with the locals.

The Scenery

The geography of Mexico is as stunning as it is diverse. The coastal regions house amazing beaches and the weather is perfect all year round! Soak up some rays on the beach with a beer, explore the coastal waters by snorkeling or jetskiing and for the more adventurous traveler, scuba dive in their amazing waters. As you move inland you will find beautiful sprawling national parks, mountains and volcanoes to explore and even a secret underground river!

The History

For those interested in history, an opportunity to explore and experience the famed history of the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations awaits. These civilizations were way ahead of their time in agricultural technology and infrastructure, and the cities and monuments they left behind are among the most prized archaeological discoveries. Of these, the Chichen Itza is the most internationally famous since it represents the Mayan culture at the height of their success.

The Nightlife

When the sun goes down in Mexico, the flashing lights and party music turns up. Mexico is home to some of the most notorious party cities on the globe, from the margarita-fueled parties on the beaches of Cancun to Mexico’s most popular party destination, Mexico City. These cities have many bars and clubs, and the party does not stop until the early hours of morning.

The Festivals

The fiesta is Mexico’s unique form of celebration that brings theater, music, parades, dancing, and food to the streets to make their religious and cultural holidays unique. No tourist should miss the opportunity to experience the electric atmosphere created by these festivals. On the Day of the Dead, the Mexican people believe the souls of the departed come back and choose to celebrate the lives of their dead ancestors instead of mourning with a warm and colorful festival.

The Architecture

Mexico has produced some incredible architects over the years, and the buildings they designed are built are a sight to behold. Due to the Spanish colonization of Mexico, a large amount of Mexican architecture has a unique Baroque style. Among the Baroque-style architecture lies the Sagrario Metropolitano, or the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, a truly impressive feat of architecture built from 1749-1769.

The Tequila

Mexico is the home of Tequila and offers an opportunity to sample the best, highest quality tequila in the world. Tequila is a form of alcohol made from a spiky, blue plant called Agave. Mexican law states that true Tequila must be made from more than half of this plant. To truly experience the intricate nuances of Mexican Tequila, look no further than the famed Tequila Trail, where you will experience some of the most famous Tequila distilleries.

The Extreme Sports

The widely varied geography of Mexico makes available a range of extreme sports for the thrill-seeking traveler. Consider scuba diving to get a glimpse of Mexico’s widely diverse marine life or cage diving to get up close and personal with Great white sharks. Further inland you can take a relaxed ride in a hot air balloon and soak up the stunning scenery, or paraglide for an adrenaline rush with a view.

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