How Can smokers Get A Better Experience of Replacing Smoke?

August 9, 2019

Although vapes are not long in history, they have undergone several iterations of updates. The overall development direction can be summarized as: quit smoking for better effect, healthier, and better user experience. The main target of this article is smokers.

The first generation of Cigalike experienced poor performance in all aspects and was basically eliminated by the market.

Mechanical mod, RDA, multi-function adjustable complex equipment are customized for experienced users and vape enthusiasts. Recently, there is a new product from vapeciga, the product site: . The dual ohmic coil configuration extends the heating area and enhances the evaporation experience. Stainless steel conduction has a rich gloss and durability. The 810 resin dripper effectively maintains the original flavor of the electronic liquid. The side airflow system can be used to circulate steam effects.

The First Step: Choose the Suitable Vape.

For smokers who are first exposed to vapes, at the very least, they need to choose a decent ego or other open device. The advantage of this type of equipment is that you can note your favorite cigarette oil, provided that you are not afraid of trouble, take some time to understand your equipment and E-liquid and how to choose the right E-liquid.

Even more troublesome is the now popular closed vape. complete in one step. The shortcoming is that usually the cartridges are mass-produced, and the devices are mutually exclusive and cannot be used universally. The user has insufficient space for self-selection of taste. Fortunately, E-liquid is generally deployed by more professional people and has been tested for matching with equipment. Basically, it’s more reliable than buying back an open product.

For the majority of smokers, closed vapes are still the first category of their own. There are many brands to choose from on the market, such as WOTOFO, VOOPOO etc.

Step 2: Choose the Suitable E-liquid

Give Up High VG E-liquid.

The main role of VG is to fog, which is the favorite of “cloud control” players, usually matching their high-power low-ohm devices. For smokers who are smoke-oriented, 70 gram of E-liquid should be given up as much as possible, because high VG will not bring you much benefit in terms of taste and health.

Do Not Reduce The Nicotine Content Too Much.

For smokers, the key factor in whether vapes can help to quit smoking is nicotine. The industry has a tendency to reduce the concentration of nicotine from a marketing point of view (consuming more E-liquid). According to the smoker’s self-titration and compensation mechanism for nicotine, smokers will ingest more E-liquid due to too low nicotine content, thus exposing more exposure to PG, VG aerosolized aerosols, and too many such Exposure to aerosols may present additional health risks. This is why many researchers do not support the reduction of nicotine content and the high-power equipment that does not support high VG E-liquid.

Step 3: Grasp Your Daily Nicotine Intake

For smokers who already have a certain dependence on nicotine, excessive intake of nicotine can still cause physical discomfort, and too little intake can not satisfy the desire for nicotine, which is academically called self-titration. For heavily dependent smokers, when using low-nicotine vapes, it is often necessary to consume large amounts of E-liquid. Once the intake is insufficient, you may still want to add a few more cigarettes for supplementation. This is also an important reason why many people think that vapes are not effective in helping to quit smoking.

How do smokers determine their dependence on nicotine?

One of the most famous international nicotine replacement therapies is the Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence. Smokers can determine their dependence on nicotine by answering a few simple questions.

Generally, mild dependence does not necessarily require the use of nicotine replacement therapy. It is often possible to quit cigarettes using self-suggestion. Nicotine replacement is only an alternative;

Mild-moderate dependence is more psychological (physical) addiction; nicotine replacement therapy can be considered.

Moderate and highly dependent are mostly physiological addictions. Smokers are more difficult to quit by self-control, and nicotine replacement therapy is a better choice.

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