9 Most Popular Countertop Colors in 2021

March 30, 2021

Countertops used to be a pretty easy choice for your home decorating needs. You would pick between a few simple colors and a few simple materials and you would be set. Things are much more complex now, and there are many exciting materials and colors that you can choose from when designing your kitchen!

All of these surface choices and color choices might seem a little overwhelming, but there are some countertop types that are becoming increasingly popular in 2021. Picking from the currently popular styles is a great way to keep your home current and to take advantage of the great style options that are available right now.

Most Popular Countertop Colors in 2021

Countertop choices in 2021 might seem like they are too varied to make much sense, but there are some really great materials out there that should be at the top of your list. Quartz is a great place to start your countertop selection process because it is durable, beautiful, and comes in many colors.

Keep in mind that any countertop material that you pick should be durable, low maintenance, and easy to install. Natural materials like quartzite, marble, and even granite can have special requirements for care and may not wear as well as other materials. With this bit of advice in mind, let’s look at some great countertop color choices for your home.


This is a very popular color right now and tones of grey are being seen in kitchens from high rises to log cabins. Grey is soothing and it looks chic without being harsh. Grey will match lots of other interior design choices for wall paint colors and furniture, so grey is a solid option if you want to make sure that your kitchen countertops will match the rest of your design choices.

Click here for some grey countertop ideas!


This color is a classic choice and it offers up the opportunity to brighten up a room and make it clean and modern. Quartz is beautiful in tones of white, and it is one of the few countertop materials that will hold up to the test of time when selected in this shade. White counters can work well in everything from country kitchens to modern minimalistic designs.


If you can’t choose between grey and white, you can opt for a marbled design that will bring in both colors with a hint of opulence as well. The marble look is gorgeous and if you select a material that is not actually marble but offers up all the classic beauty of the material itself. Natural marble is beautiful but is costly and delicate and not suited for long-term wear and tear.


Another great neutral choice, beiges and other tones of tan or brown are a nice accent choice if you want to bring some earth tones into your kitchen. The other benefit to brown tones is that they wear well and clean up easily. If you have kids, or you like to cook a lot, this color countertop will be very practical for you and will look clean and tidy no matter what has been going on in your kitchen.


This staple color choice never seems to go out of style. It is a delightful accent point for white cabinets or other pops of bright color. This color is delightful in quartz and there are some versions of quartz countertops that have beautiful inclusions in the black material. This beautiful color choice will show water spots and fingerprints, so be aware that you will want to wipe down these counters daily.


Countertops that mimic natural stone colors are very in right now, and agate-colored countertops are a big hit at the moment. There is something beachy and delightful about this color choice and there is often a bit of sparkle in the inclusions of this kind of countertop that make for some dimension in your kitchen’s surfaces. This is another really practical color choice and it pairs well with other more strident colors.


While this bright pop of color might not be for everyone, red counters have become increasingly popular since last year. These counters fit well in modern, or industrial-type kitchens and they offer an unusual and beautiful contrast with traditional surfaces. If you love a bit of color and some sparkle, then this is a possible option for your kitchen color palette.

Royal Blue

Along the same lines as the red style, dark blues are very popular right now. They offer up a mellow and sort of ocean-like color palette to your kitchen which can change the mood of the space entirely. This is a great color choice if you are planning on wooden cabinetry that is not going to be painted. Natural wood tones go beautifully with blues because earth tones often play well together.


While not for everyone, pinks are really beautiful when used correctly in a kitchen remodel. Pink can be anything from light in color, to very dark, making it a fun choice if you want to play with some bright colors. Pink kitchens are bright, sunny, and feel fun automatically. This is a color that looks great when rendered in quartz and choosing the durability of this material will make your pink countertop last much longer than if you chose another material.

Colorful or Modest, Kitchen Countertops Are Important

You really can’t select a pulled-together kitchen design without thinking of your countertops first. The counters in your kitchen are always on display and they can be seen from other places in the home at all times. Picking the right color kitchen countertops can make or break the feeling of your kitchen, so you want to consider the color palette that you choose carefully.

Pick the right kitchen countertop color first and then the rest of the room will fall together naturally!


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