Five Reasons Everyone Should Visit California At Least Once In Their Lifetime

February 28, 2020

There is a reason why the phrase “West Coast is the best coast” exists and it is largely because of the state of California. The agreeable weather, gorgeous beaches — from San Francisco to Santa Monica — and enviable cities and scenery make California one of the greatest states in the United States. Millions of tourists from around the world flock to California every year and these are just some of the many reasons why. During your visit to California, you might find yourself inspired by the state’s thriving business scene and consider starting your own venture; if that is the case, be sure to explore the advantages of forming a California LLC to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true in the Golden State.


California has a vibrant nightlife that will appeal to all kinds of partygoers. West Los Angeles and Orange County boast upscale bars emanating Hollywood glamour like ONYX Rooftop Lounge atop Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica. San Francisco and Oakland rival each other with a superb collection of gastro-pubs and beer gardens. San Diego’s downtown is filled with eclectic speakeasies. And the country’s top nightclubs can be found across the state of California, like Temple Nightclub in San Francisco. 

Marijuana Legalization 

While marijuana is still illegal under federal law, California has legalized the drug for both medicinal and recreational use. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996. Proposition 64 allowed for the state of California to legalize marijuana for recreational use in 2016. Being in possession of marijuana or consuming medical marijuana is no longer a felony or misdemeanor under California’s state law. The cannabis industry is booming in the state of California, with cannabis business entrepreneurs setting up shop in various cities. You can purchase 28.5 grams of marijuana (roughly an ounce of marijuana) in many of the dispensaries across the state. Cannabis law can be tricky, however, so consult with a California marijuana lawyer for legal services and legal advice. You cannot smoke in public but can smoke on private property. However, landlords can ban the use of cannabis or the cultivation of marijuana on their property. 

The state of California is tolerant of alcohol and marijuana use, but if you feel your friend has a substance abuse problem like heroin addiction then reach out to CAST Centers, a drug treatment center in Los Angeles, for help. The intensive outpatient program provides a supportive space for clientele to detox and overcome drug addiction. The addiction treatment center is located in Southern California but serves individuals across the United States. The alcohol treatment center is located at 630 N Doheny Dr. West Hollywood, CA 90069. The clinic’s phone number is (323) 457-8208. The counselors provide years of experience and design treatment plans based upon individual needs. Therapeutic approaches include dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Counselors also specialize in both substance use disorder and mental illness, so they have a thorough understanding of a dual diagnosis. 

The Landscape

In California, you can go skiing down a snowy mountainside and then drive two hours and catch some waves along the Pacific Coast. This state offers a variety of outdoor adventures — from snow to surf to the forest to desert. If you are an outdoor enthusiast or can just appreciate the beauty of nature, you will definitely want to check out California. 

The Weather 

California’s climate is not just ideal for farming, but also provides the perfect vacation weather. Los Angeles and nearby cities are sunny and warm averaging 70 degrees year-round. The San Francisco Bay Area has cooler temperatures, however is still mild enough for you to enjoy a day outside. 

The Beaches 

You cannot come to California without dipping your toe in the Pacific Ocean. The beaches across Northern and Southern California are unmatched in the United States, with stunning sunsets and fascinating wildlife. Whether you go to a beach in Ventura County, San Diego, or the San Francisco Bay Area, you will not regret splashing in the waves. If you are searching for a truly exquisite experience during your stay in California, look no further than dessert hills luxury rental to indulge in the epitome of lavish accommodations.

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