6 Medical Revolutions That Made Our Life Better

August 10, 2019

Science and technology is proceeding at a faster rate than ever. Technology just feeds on itself by opening new gates and breaking down walls with every scientific breakthrough. The applications of these technological advancements are debatable in some cases but for most cases they are nothing short of revolutionary!

The 21st century has brought in a new wave of developments in various spheres of our life. One such critical area is medical science. Latest medical knowledge and inventions are very important in helping mankind raise their quality of living and productiveness. The release of new drugs, breakthrough medical inventions like call buttons and expansion of medical knowledge have all contributed towards making our lives much better than before.

  1. Gene therapy

Finally, the area in medical sciences that is disrupting classical studies and creating a storm in medical research. Various projects have been set up to collect, store and analyze the entire human genome. These genome projects are a part of preventative medication that will revolutionize the world of medicine. The potential of this study is astounding to say the least.

This project will help medical experts in understanding the genetic links between various diseases and the genes responsible for the variety of medical issues that we face today.

  • 3D printed body parts

3D printing is the new craze in medical sciences today!The ability to construct body parts from scratch to meet the customized needs of patients is truly a god’s gift.This method helps in effective treatment of the patients and allows them to lead a problem free life.

Scientists and researchers have been actively experimenting with new biomaterials in high precision environments. This kind of medical treatment is very important as it helps in treating each case uniquely and in a better way. 3D printing can be used to make almost any body part–from blood vessels and skin to hearts and pancreas.

  • Injectable brain mesh

Now this is one medical innovation that is straight out of a sci-fi. This ingenious conductive polymer mesh can be injected into the brain. It will encapsulate the brain and can be used to study the various changes or developments going inside the brain in real time. This invention will truly help in understanding how the brain functions the way it does today.
This could effectively be providing some ground-breaking data and research for various neurological studies to combat psychological and neuro disorders.

  • Google Eye Implant

Google is always coming up with mind blowing inventions. Google Eye Implant is meant to replace eye’s natural lens and are a boon to people who have partially or completely lost their vision. Now to replicate the human eye is a humungous task, but this attempt is in the right direction for making lives much better.

This invention of Google has numerous medical applications that include restoring vision, reading blood pressure of glaucoma patients and glucose levels of diabetics. They can be used to connect wirelessly with the things around you.

  • Custom biomaterial joint replacements

Bone disorders are quite a common issue in today’s workaholic world! To make a difference in the lives of these people, new biomaterials have been developed. They are lighter, more robust and medically stable. The earlier steel ones have been replaced with new biomaterial products. This next generation joint replacements are only possible because of extensive material research, nanotechnology and 3D printing.

Nowadays, the implants are constructed to slowly dissolve over time. At the same time, the normal human tissues will keep growing and strengthening the area.

  • Cancer Therapies

Cancer is a global killer, targeting almost 14 million people annually but a new way to combat cancer is under research and is called the cancer fingerprinting. In this scenario, every cancer case is documented and systematically categorized. Each incidence has its own unique code. The medical analysts then study these cases of mutated gene disorders to understand their response to chemotherapy.

Another crucial step is the formulation of two new drugs Herceptin and Gleevec, which target molecules that control tumor cell growth and the blood supply feeding thee tumors.

There is a lot of pain and suffering in the world because of various incurable diseases and disorders. With advancing medical technology it becomes our moral duty to come up with new solutions that can help remove the root cause! Technology is surely the solution for the making of a world free of diseases.

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