What To Know Before Shopping In A Jewelry Store

October 22, 2021

Is your jewelry box a little empty right now? If so, you are probably looking into investing in a few new jewelry pieces in the near future. As such, it is best to know what would be right to buy before you even walk into the store. You need to know what you are looking for, and what kind of pieces would be best to add to your collection, and that takes research! Thankfully, we have a little list of the main things to know below for your convenience — each bit of jewelry comes with its own criteria, and depending on what you want to buy, you have to know it all. 

Your Metals

There are many metals in jewelry making, but some are far more popular than others. Gold and Silver, for example, are two bastions of the jewelry world, and most people will be sporting one type of another of these. However, you’ve got far more choice here than you realise, with items like White Gold, or Rose Gold, also being incredibly common. 

Aside from that, you can take your pick from metals such as Platinum or Palladium. You can also find many rings and bracelets made out of Titanium or Tungsten, both of which are quite durable, and very pleasing to look at. It is all a matter of preference, but knowing what qualities each metal holds can help to inform you about the value and longevity of a piece. 

The Four ‘C’s

When it comes to shopping for something with diamonds in it, you have to keep four things in mind: cut, color, clarity, carat. Of course, you are no expert, so you do not have to go into the details here, but these are still the general rules that should rule this kind of expensive purchase. Because a lot of us can see a 2 carat diamond ring and get blinded by the bling, and then race to the counter to try out. 

Do not worry, we all do it! But hold your horses and assess the quality to the best of your ability. Ask the jeweler to show you the piece up close, and ask about those four things. They should be able to tell you straight away, as this kind of information is usually identified in the hallmark as well. 

The Size, Style, And Occasion 

Now, jewelry is all about its owner. What the wearer likes in terms of style, their preferred sizing, and the occasion they are going to wear the piece in, is what you really need to think about when shopping. Whether you are buying a gift for a loved one or you’re shopping for yourself, always take into account how the ring or necklace will look on you, and where and when you can wear it. Do not waste money on something that simply looks nice! 

If you want to go shopping for jewelry, do not let the store you walk into intimidate you. Know what you are looking for, and what the signs of quality are. 

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