Difference Between Commercial And Designer Jewelry

June 30, 2021

When you step into any department store or a mall, you expect boxes full of commercial jewelry. But when you enter an individually-standing jewelry store, you see a whole set of luxurious designer jewelry. If you own a gemstone or are planning to buy one, read this little guide to end up on a better decision. You will know what’s best for you between designer and commercial jewelry. We will give you detailed information on the designer and commercial jewelry. If you don’t know what to look for in finished jewelry, read this post ahead. Click here to buy toe rings and other jewelry.

What is designer jewelry?

Designer jewelry is usually considered to have a certain aesthetic brought forward by a design company or a craftsman. The importance of the particular aesthetic incorporates precious metal or maybe handcrafted elements. A designer collection may include hundreds to thousands of jewelry pieces that may vary in motif, design, or technique. Designer jewelry pieces are recognized as expensive and luxurious because artisan jewelers handcraft them. Big jewelry stores also hire professionals to design prototypes for a big production. Sometimes, popular celebrities also launch their own aesthetic jewelry collection. However, such luxurious jewelry pieces are usually produced in mass, and their unusual design makes them expensive.

The types of designer jewelry

Some of the well-known categories of designer jewelry are as follows.

●    High Jewelry

It is the most expensive designer jewelry, and its name is derived from the French Haute joaillerie. It basically means high-end jewelry, which distinguishes itself from other jewelry types in design, expensiveness, and rarity. Expert artisans design these jewelry pieces, and that is why they are comparatively expensive. Furthermore, high-end jewelry pieces are one of a kind because the rarity of gemstones does not allow mass production.

●    Designer Jewelry

The term is so broad that people often navigate from realizing the real value of designer jewelry. Designer jewelry collections are produced by professional craftsmen or companies that have jewelry makers who have the artistic ability to do so. One of the important aspects of designer jewelry pieces is their aesthetic appearance. The jewelry may be lab-created or handcrafted.

●    Custom Jewelry

Jewelry that you can get designed based on personal requirements is custom jewelry. However, you can get them customized in simpler terms by telling the design specifications to the jeweler, like a good luck necklace.

●    Studio Jewelry

When an individual creates jewelry by hand with nobody’s help or with a small group of staff, his creations are called studio jewelry. It means they are always handcrafted.

What is better designer or commercial jewelry?

The decision to buy designer or commercial jewelry depends on your needs and preferences. You might choose to buy commercial jewelry if the material is the same as that of designer jewelry, but the price is lesser. But when it comes to choosing between high and studio jewelry, there’s merely a difference apart from the name. The process is almost the same. Even some commercial and designer manufacturers use some processes like lost wax casting, machine setting, and die striking. But commercial jewelry does not offer you customization, while custom jewelry does.

From a good luck necklace to a design you like, designer jewelry offers a wide range of options. The same goes for commercial jewelry. Choose what suits your requirements.

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