How to Pack and Move Fragile Items

July 1, 2021

When it comes to moving, there are a lot of things at stake if you are not well-planned and organized. You can easily find the best movers Richmond VA, but you also need to know what your requirements are, the type of moving services you need and how to go about the whole process.


Moving fragile belongings is especially scary for the fear of not causing any damages. Here are some tips to pack and move your most valuable items;

Use Smaller, Fitting, and Separate Boxes


It is easy to handle smaller boxes than larger boxes. You want to make sure that the items also perfectly fit in the boxes to prevent things from moving while the truck is on the road. If the belongings don’t fit well in the boxes, be sure to fill the box up with padding or other soft material to prevent too much movement.


Packing fragile items with other belongings or enlarger boxes is risky. For one, you will not be able to easily recognize them and there are high chances of breakages and damages due to too much movement in the box. Make sure to also seal tightly so nothing flies out during the move.

Use Sturdy Boxes and Secure the Bottom


Never use any flimsy boxes while packing fragile items. The thicker and sturdier, the better and more secure. If the box seems light, insubstantial, or can easily get damaged, your items are also at risk of getting easily damaged. Prevention is better than cure so better be safe than sorry.


You also want to make sure the bottom of the box is well secured. You can add strips of hard tape to ensure that the weight of whatever is inside the box won’t tear it open when the box is lifted up or during the process of loading and unloading the truck.

Use Dividers and Place a Layer at the Bottom of the Box


If you have glasses, stemware, and other items alike, it is better to invest in cardboard dividers for your larger boxes. There are also special boxes for items like stemware you can directly purchase. These come with ready dividers to keep the items from shifting, moving, and colliding with other items.


You should also use packing material to layer the bottom of the box. This could be packing paper, towels, Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, or foam. You want to cushion the bottom for extra protection. Remember that heavier items go in first and when you are done, fill the rest of the empty space with padding or other suitable material.

Wrap Up Each Individual Item


Before placing your glasses and plates into the box, make sure to wrap all of them up piece by piece. And make sure to wrap every bit of the item. Fragile decorative items should also be wrapped individually before packed in the boxes based on the type, size, material, and shape.


Bubble wrap is the best option for some of the most delicate pieces like china. Also, even after wrapping, consider separating all these pieces into small individual boxes rather than stacking them with other items. This might take some investment in time and money but then again, better safe than sorry

Use Plenty of Labels and Tape


If you want to make sure that all your items will be safest, then don’t hold back in using the tape and labels. Tapes will ensure that the items are tightly secured and nothing stands a chance of flying out the box. Adding multiple strips of tape at the bottom also ensures that the boxes are able to hold the weight of the items inside.


Labeling is also great not just for identification of what is in the box, but also to help you determine what to put where and why. This will help you identify your fragile items and choose the best spot for them amongst the other items and in the truck.


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