My Travel Photography Experience with Must-Have Gears

June 30, 2021

I am an avid photographer and simply love to take pictures. My forte is nature photography and I have been doing it for over 8 years now. The thing is, I usually use my camera, but since I am out on long trips, I keep a good camera phone with me in case I have to click a photo within a moment’s notice. Whipping your camera out takes a long time and you might miss the moment as it happens. In this case, I realized, a good camera phone is a great thing to have and saves you the trouble.


Now, I was in the East Indies working on a project and having a great experience. I captured a huge amount of photos and was already preparing for another week’s stay there. Unfortunately, that very same day, I dropped my camera which proceeded to break into a million pieces. I was heartbroken and had no idea what to do. It was quite an expensive Nikon camera and I was devastated to lose it. I went to the hotel reception and asked if I could get it fixed since I was working on a project and could not afford to go back relatively empty handed. I did have a good number of photos on the memory card which thankfully was not damaged. But they were not enough to get my project rolling. The hotel checked in a few places but sadly there was nothing that could be done. I tried to find some stores in and around the place, but I was in such a remote region that the nearest city would take two days to get there and back.


I had simply no idea what I should be doing at that point. I checked online stores but the device I needed was going to take a long time to arrive. I had but one option left. Remember the note about carrying a good camera phone with you? Well, I knew that was my last option and I couldn’t do anything but use my phone for the rest of the trip. I thought about everything in between. How I could make them look actually professional, if I had enough space with me or not and all that.


Now, here is where things took a turn for the better. My friend, who I was with on the trip, said something about a device that he bought along with him. It looked like a basic flash drive but double sided. He explained that it was a storage device which I could easily use to store all my work onto without having to copy all the photos I take to my computer each time I needed to empty my phone. This was a brilliant device. I could potentially save a whole lot of time that otherwise would have been lost at copying. 


He gave me this Photostick mobile and showed me how to use it. For the rest of the trip I clicked beautiful photos of the beaches and the palm trees, and each time we stopped for food, I simply plugged in Photostick to my phone and let the software copy all the photos from the previous session onto it. That one single device allowed me to capture over 3000 photos which allowed me to not only finish my project, but also allowed me to delve deeper into the capabilities of Photostick. I now own a Photostick mobile in cases of emergency, and even a few basic Photostick devices where I safely store all my projects. It has allowed me to cut down on expenditure on huge hard disks that are prone to damages and corruption. Photostick truly is an incredible device and a must have for every photographer out there. 

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

I am Andi Perullo de Ledesma, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Travel Photojournalist in Charlotte, NC. I am also wife to Lucas and mother to Joaquín. Follow us as we explore life and the world one beautiful adventure at a time.

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