The Best Things To Do On A 3 Day In Porto

February 19, 2022

Porto is one of the most beautiful but underrated cities in Europe. It could be a perfect place for a short trip. A 3 days short trip is enough time to spend and enjoy the city’s beauty.

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Porto’s namesake portwine, colorful tiles, atmospheric architecture, bone-rattling trams, and historic rabelos bobbing on the Douro River are worth seeing. You can spend your 3 days there and have great fun there.

Please keep reading our trip guide to Porto that may make your visit full of fun and enjoyment.

How to go to Porto?

You have several options to visit Porto; if you are in Europe, you can go there by air or road or use the train. But we recommend you by air because you can easily find a low cost car rental in airport area for visiting the city.

Where should you stay in Porto?

Porto has several options for tourists to choose from the best hotels and apartments to spend the night in. Riberia, Baixa, and Cedofeita are convenient places where you can find many hotels and easily move from here to each corner of the city.

You can find hotels and apartments from 80 to 100 pounds per night in these places. The Guest Downtown, Oprtolazaro Apartment, Oporto Invictus Hostel, Casa Antiqua, Oporto Sky Hostel, and Almada Apartments are the best accommodations in Porto for the tourist.

What to do on Day 1 in Porto?

Spend your day 1 in Riberia and Oldtown; there are many places to see and visit; you can visit many recreational spots to make your day first full of fun and amusement.

Visit the Chapel of Souls located near Rua de Santa Catarina and Rua de Fernandes Tomas. Then go to Mercado do Bolhao, which is nearby to Chapel of Souls, the best place to visit for locally sources food and food products.

Then visit the Church of Saint Ildefonso historic church and spend your time at this beautiful place; the church’s beautiful blue and white azulejo tilework attracts tourists.

You can also include Avenida Dos Aliados, the Church of São Francisco, and Praça do Lisboa in your first-day visits, which are worth seeing.

What to do on Day 2 in Porto?

On the next day, spend your time heading across the Douro River to Gaia, where you have many opportunities for fun.

Several recreational places, but we recommend you never miss Porto Cathedral, Stroll the Riverfront, Dom Luís I Bridge, São Bento Train Station, and Teleferico de Gaia Gondola.

You can easily drive through such places, spend one to two hours at each place, and find many restaurants and food cafes for meals in that area.

What to do on Day 3 in Porto?

Make your last day very special by spending your day in Douro Valley, a perfect area for nature lovers. Douro Valley is full of natural scenery and green places that are eye-soothing.

It may be a little hot to spend your time in the spring or fall season, but you can easily get air-conditioned hotel rooms at affordable rates.

The valley has many green sidewalks and places; it could be the best idea to prefer Guided Tours in Porto facility on day 3 to enjoy Douro Valley short trip.

Never miss enjoying the wine if you are a wine lover; about 90 percent of wine across Europe is supplied from Douro Valley.

You can also find delicious local foods to enjoy with your loved ones in wine cafes, but if you are a wine drinker, never skip to taste Douro Valley’s fresh wine.

Final Thoughts

Spending 3 days in Porto is enough time to enjoy this beautiful city; your weekend could be significant in Porto. You can hire affordable conveyance, hotels, and hundreds of recreational spots in Porto to make your short trip full of fun and entertaining. We have also guided you with a 3 day visit plan that may help you make your short trip memorable in Porto.




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