Where to Buy Men Perfumes While Traveling to Pakistan

January 11, 2020

There are all four seasons in Pakistan, the summers are extremely hot, monsoon rains, chilly autumn evenings and hard winter nights. With each season we change the clothes we wear and automatically the style with which we get ready for social gatherings, nights out on the town or dinner dates will evolve.

To complete our look and for a boost of confidence men’s perfumes are a popular part of every getting ready routine. The aromatic notes used to create these sents are fruit, mint, musk, sage, oriental or oceanic tones. The smell of a perfume can transport the person wearing it and even those who come into close contact with others wearing the perfume.

Men are encouraged to wear cologne after saving as the alcohol percentage acts as an anti-bacterial agent protective the skin. There is a wide variety of men’s fragrances available in Pakistan that range from local affordable lines offered by J. Junaid Jamshed or Shalid for men and internationally known high-end brands like Davidoff’s Cool Waters.

To help choose the perfect fragrance it is important to understand the difference between the various perfume lines for men. The Eau de Perfumes are the strongest in fragrance and linger on hours after the first application; they have a higher concentration of oils that are absorbed by the skin and clothes. As compared to perfumes the Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne are less concentrated and have a higher percentage of alcohol that evaporates faster leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for the day.  

The Original Cool Water has top notes primarily peppermint and lavender with rising heart notes of oakmoss, geranium and sandalwood. It will leave a lingering aroma of amber and musk facets for several hours after the first application. It is a light and breezy fragrance designed for the summer that will leave you with the base notes of sandalwood making it a well-balanced masculine fragrance. 

J. has stylish fragrance bottles for men that have black and gold profiles. The darker tones of amber and woody smell paired with fruity top notes of Legacy, Wasim Akram, Pride, Intenso, Spark, Zarar Gold and Mika will leave you feeling fresh and cool on a hot summer day. For those looking fo citric notes instead of fruit will enjoy Generation, Vocal and 10 The Era as their summer perfume. 

The Remmy Marquis perfume Shalis for men has a richer, voluminous, tropical and oriental aroma. An Aromatic Fougere meaning it has rustic accents with minty tones for freshness. The top notes of the Shalis cologne are all fruit-based including grapefruit, tangerine orange and apple. The middle or heart notes feel fresher and long-lasting as they are a combination of lavender and basil. 

Oudh Al Boruzz is part of the Qasamat fragrance collection and is a combination of rosemary and oakmoss. The recently released fragrance Bukhoor Al Ajwad is zesty bergamot and blueberry fragrance. The Rasasi perfume and deodorants have well-made bottles with gold and frosted glass that will look beautiful sitting on your vanity table. 

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