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August 27, 2019

Digital devices these days are easy to buy and procure; hence every child now has a device. The generation of the 21st century is hence immensely exposed to the dangers of the World Wide Web.  This exploration of the internet world can lead the child two ways either positive or negative. This makes today’s parents more concerned than ever for their child.  

The developers and ‘WonderShare’ understand the concerns parents have as their children go from teenage to adulthood with the presence of internet which has the potential to destroy their physical and mental health. To make the parent’s life a little easier they have come up with an app that would not only be their child’s guardian but also inform the parents as their child goes onto the wrong path. The savior is an app named ‘FamiSafe‘. 

To understand how the app works in your child’s safe let’s have a look at some of its features

Prevents cyberbullying
your child can be easily bullied by his peers on the internet through social media apps.  FamiSafe helps you in a way that if your child receives any suspicious text, it alerts you through the app.

Track Real-time Location

Once you enable this feature in the app you can always know where your child is without having to call him again and again. It helps the parents keep their minds at peace while the child can enjoy his time without having to entertain his parent’s call again and again.  read about iphone hack texts   .

Block Apps

There have been applications like ‘Blue Whale’ which started as a game but eventually caused children to take their own lives. When parents hear of these incidents it makes them scared for their child’s safety. Here is when FamiSafe’s feature off blocking apps come in handy as it allows the parents to block apps of their child’s mobile which they might think are harmful to their child.  

Screen Time Report

Screens and the internet are addictive which causes kids to spend long hours in front of the screen. They might not understand yet but the parents do that this much screen time will cause them to harm their mental health and their eyes. Hence, comes in the feature of ‘FamiSafe’ app which allows you to track time and gives you a screen report on how much time your child spent using the phone.

These were some of the amazing features of the app. Still not satisfied?

Here are a few parents who gave the following reviews after using the app telling how it helped them.

Tiffany said “”I hate the Clash of Clans game. It took too much time from my son. FamiSafe helped me to control my son’s phone and prevent him from addiction at least at night. It is easy to handle the app. The only thing is it is not always free (only for the first three days).”

Frank, on the other hand, said “It’s hard to find an app that could do everything. I tried a GPS watch. It’s great and could track location and make an emergency call. The problem is my son does not like it. I had to buy him smartphone-like many parents. FamiSafe then helped me do all the parental control work I need like tracking and screen time control. I love it.”

However, if you still have a few doubts then as mentioned by tiffany, FamiSafe has a free of cost three day trial period which will allow you to take a test run of the app.

After that, if you are satisfied then you can subscribe to an easy monthly or yearly plan. It doesn’t end here though! if you use code “SENSOFF” you can get a 20% off on your subscription plan

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