Australian Hidden Gems To Add To Your Bucket List

August 28, 2019

Australia may boast a lot of tourist attractions like The Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House, but you may be looking for something a little out of the ordinary that is not filled with people. 

There are many things to do Down Under, so why not arrange a car hire and take a summer road trip; some of the most beautiful places are the forgotten ones.

Great Ocean Road 

Take yourself on a beautiful drive down Great Ocean Road for 413 miles, but do not forget to stop at some of the incredible destinations along the way. 

This route may take 9.5 hours, but it is an unforgettable experience. Drive along and take in the beautiful view of the ocean and plan to stop at one of the many attractions such as Cape Otway Light Station and Apollo Bay, it is certainly not a trip you will forget any time soon. 

Port Willunga Beach 

Keep moving and head to Port Willunga Beach, in Adelaide. Not only does this mean you can spend some time shopping, but there are also some unmissable views. 

Port Willunga Beach is a beautiful little spot that you perhaps would not know was there — and what better than a beach with a seaside cave to explore? 

The views from the sand are incredible, but to make it even more special, why not take a picnic and sit inside the cave with your loved ones.   

Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience

“Where to next?”, you may ask, but we have it all mapped out for you. 

What better to do in Australia, than to take a dip in the ocean itself? Try out one of the many Ocean Experiences available. Baird Bay is also nearby.   

Swim alongside the incredible sea creatures that reside in Australia, including dolphins and sea lions. Learn more about the mammals and be at one with the water. 

Nullarbor National Park

Ready to keep going? Good. This time, bring a sleeping bag. Nullarbor National Park is the perfect destination to spend the night in a tent. 

After a long day of walking along the cliffs and looking out over the blue ocean, set up camp and wake up in time to watch the sun rising over the sea. 

You can enjoy many exciting activities while you’re there and with plenty of scenic drives, it is the perfect excuse to climb back into your car.

Bremer Bay Orca Experience

To complete your bucket list tour of Australia, let us end it with a once in a lifetime opportunity. While there are many places to go Whale Watching Down Under, Bremer Bay fits perfectly into your drive. 

Seeing orca’s in their natural habitat is a must and the team of marine specialists at Bremer Bay will even educate you in the language of the whales. 

Not only will you be able to see the fantastic mammals, but there are many others that are often spotted at Bremer Bay, including great white sharks, dolphins, and sperm whales. 

Fed up of the usual itinerary? Hire a car and go on a drive, we have the ‘what to do’ covered for you!

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