7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Small Business Function

September 2, 2019

Many small businesses are reluctant to implement artificial intelligence as it seems daunting to them but in reality, using AI solutions for business can be most useful to perform their day-to-day processes and reduce the need to hire a large workforce which may be out of their budget.

We have listed below 7 ways how AI can help small business function;

1. Automate Customer Service:

Customer support is one area that is the key to any business success. But the customer service may deteriorate if the customer support is forced to reply to repetitive customer questions hence automated chat boxes is the best way to handle this with the help of AI and your resources can focus to provide a unique customer support experience.

2. Grow Sales and Marketing With CRM:

Customer-relationship management (CRM) systems help in gathering customer data across the various channels of communication like phone, email and social to improve and automate the company’s sales process. This tool can help gather customer feedback and act on it to improve customer acquisition.

3. Helps to Keep an Eye on Competitors:

There are AI tools that can act as a hawk by Jared J Davis keeping an eye on your competitor strategies and everything that they do online such as their website and social media handles, gather data and make reports for you. This will help you understand what they are doing different and make changes in your business accordingly to compete with them and be better.

4. Assistance from Voice-Search: 

Small business owners need to be aware of everything going around and need quick information. Instead of typing and searching everything online, how easy it would be to just talk to your Alexa and find out the data you want from the internet instead of you browsing for it. It will save a lot of your time and is also a fun way to work. read about CRM

5. Simplify Human Resource Tasks:

Small businesses cannot spend much on hiring a large HR team hence AI tools can help with employee engagement by monitoring and gathering feedback from the employees on the company development needs.

6. Determine the Product-Market Fit:

There are AI-enabled tools that help you determine if the product you wish to launch fits the market by understanding customer behavior. So basically, instead of you finding tonnes of market data to figure if the product would be sustainable in the market, an intelligent tool does that for you and also points to the market you should really target.

7. Use Readily Available Solutions:

There are many available software programs out there that make use of AI to get a lot of work done such as managing business communication, the business flow, generating reports and computing. Based on the nature of your business, you can buy licenses of such programs that would work for your company processes. An example of such intelligent software is The Bitcoin Code from es.thebitcoinscode.com that has the ability to generate reliable future market trends based on computing a large amount of past market data using efficient algorithms and learning continuously from the market rise and drop.

AI is relatively new in the market, but it has already been proven as a promising tool which when utilized correctly by small businesses will help them stay ahead of larger organizations and would act as a game-changer.

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