Fashion Tricks For Working Millennial Women

September 23, 2019

Millennial women are here, they are loud and they are in charge — and their outfits reflect that. More and more young women are in the workforce, in high positions in companies and starting their own businesses than ever before. And the fashion rules have changed throughout the years and there are some trends that millennial women have more than anything taken from older generations and molded into something that suits them and their needs as everyday working professionals. So, here are the best tips and tricks that millennial women have to offer:

Find Your Power Suit

You cannot feel great in every piece of clothing you own. Sometimes, when you really need a boost in confidence and posture, you need to put on your power suit and really know that you can own any challenge that comes your way. But how do you put together a perfect power suit? You start at a store and end at the tailor. You want to go to a store with a very wide selection of pants, pencil skirts, blazers, shirts, and everything in between to try on as many looks, style and silhouettes as possible. Once you find something you feel good in, it is time to go to the tailor and have that made to fit your body perfectly. You can buy and then have it altered or you can get it done from scratch, but in any case, make sure that suit fits you to a T. 

Have A Go-To Work Bag

A bag is really what completes an outfit. Throwing on a backpack with your work ensemble might make you look unprofessional, but a small bag over the hand might make not fit everything you need for the day. The solution is to look for sturdy bags that are just big enough to fit everything you need and have a business-casual look. Look round for women’s laptop bags that have a sporty look, rather than a casual one. Solid color textile surfaces are the best, and make sure it can either be carried on your back or over-the-shoulder to make life a bit easier. For something smaller and easier to access, a fanny pack is a great option, as it’s chic and very accessible through the day.

Make A Statement

Millennials have a lot of things that they stand for. Whether it is caring for the Earth and climate change or supporting their local communities, and those things show within the wardrobe. If they are a proud Aussie, they might choose to wear Australian dresses, both to give money to their own communities and to show pride in their heritage. If they are fighting for nature, they will surely be decked out with fabric totes with various eco-friendly messages. The concept of voting with your dollars and supporting the things you care about through everyday actions is very tightly knit into the millennial culture, and so they are often crucial in their outfit choices.

Keep It Simple And Modern

Clean, modern cuts, and prints are the base for every outfit, and your wardrobe should be full of them. Think simple midi dresses, well-fitted pants, white button down shirts, and solid color blazers. These things are not only a base for an outfit — they are an entire outfit if you want a clean, modern, minimalist look. Accessories are not really playing a big role here, as less truly is more when you are going for a professional look, but you can always choose some discreet piece of jewelry to complete the outfit (find the jewelry).

Get Your Shoes Together

No, the college-era sneakers, and party pumps are not going to cut it. You need to get yourself some big girl shoes that will match the rest of your wardrobe and make you look professional. This is really the time to invest in a timeless pair, something like high quality oxford shoes or court shoes or professional pair of heels, depending on your work environment. If you really want to stay in the sneakers department, go for things that look professional and the most like you are wearing shoes. An easy transition piece is a pair of Vans, but you should move on to something pleather and more grown up.

Knowing your dress style and having all the components in your wardrobe to create any look that you need will help you not only always look the part, but feel like the confident woman that you are. Clothing is not vain nor superficial — it is a part of our everyday lives and it can impact so much, so think twice before buying a piece and leave time for yourself every morning to create a winner look.

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