What to Do with Skincare Products that Are About to Expire

September 27, 2019

You don’t want your money to go to waste. For most things, you can easily plan ahead because you see how much product is left. For makeup, however, you don’t really have the option to buy just a certain amount that will be good for an exact number of uses. And, of course, each product you buy is always more than what you need.

Given this, is it possible to save when it comes to makeup? It is, if you follow these tips:

Apply as Instructed

For liquid foundations, the brand might include instructions on how much you should use for each application. You can use a smaller amount to make the product last longer, but in the process you might also be reducing the benefits you get from it. This means instead of getting good coverage, you get a foundation that underperforms because you didn’t put too much. Then, come expiry date, you think of all the wasted product you haven’t used but still paid for. Do away with all this mess by simply using the product in the amount you need. If you run out faster, you can always buy a new one, which will be far from expiring and will last you a long time. Getting your money’s worth is a form of saving, too.

Use in Combination with Your Favorite Products

When you’ve had one product for a while, you start to think it’s not as effective as you want, or perhaps you’ve found a new favorite. It’s always fun to use a new product because it’s effective when it’s freshly manufactured. The products you discard, however, become wasted money if you don’t use them all up. To still enjoy your favorite product without letting older products go to waste, learn to use them together. This is easy enough for particular parts of the face. That newly purchased eyebrow makeup online, for instance, can be used along with your old eyebrow pencil, gel, or mascara. Then, once you’ve used up the old product, you can transition to a new one.

Make Them More Wearable

You have a perfectly good power-to-cream foundation, but some days you just don’t want to bother taking out your brush to apply the makeup. You don’t like the fallout, either. That foundation will sit in your vanity until it’s past expiry and it will go straight to the bin as wasted money. Instead of letting that happen, use the foundation in a more friendly way. For instance, it can be mixed with your moisturizer to come up with a creamier consistency that’s easy to apply. Store it in a small container so you can keep it with you when you go out. Anytime you need to freshen up, use this. It’s almost like having a new product!

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