What is Jenkins Certification? How to clear it on the first attempt?

November 10, 2022

Suppose you are preparing to be a Certified Jenkins Engineer(CJE) and are attempting to clear the certification on your first attempt. In that case, this blog will guide you to ace and pass the exam to be eligible for promising jobs in software development or DevOps.

In the age of Agile and DevOps, it’s essential to keep your skills up to date to keep up with the changing needs of clients and to stay competitive. In such a scenario, the recent developments in the IT sector have led to a rise in Jenkins developer jobs.

Jenkins is an open-source automation framework. Jenkins is a widely used CI/CD technology in the DevOps ecosystem. It is crucial to automate the software development process by developing, testing, and deploying in a way that allows for continuous integration and delivery.

It was created by “Kohsuke Kawaguchi” in 2004 and was initially titled “Hudson.”

But to demonstrate, execute, and operate Jenkins, you must understand what the Jenkins certification is all about.

What is Jenkins Certification?

It is an expert-level certification that candidates can learn to integrate automated tests to verify the built pipelines and set up and deploy codes.

Training gives you a lot of hands-on practice assignments to help you learn about server automation, continuous integration, building pipelines and configuration tools, automated testing, improving code quality, and distributed systems in Jenkins.

What are the benefits of Jenkins?

We have listed some advantages of using Jenkins:

  • It is an open-source tool and completely cost free
  • Jenkins is written in Java, very simple to install, and easy to work on.
  • It’s compatible with all platforms and operating systems.
  • It provides excellent community support.
  • It is a popular tool for CI/CD in DevOps.

Now, in the following section, so we will focus on reliable pointers to prepare for the exam.

Tips to prepare for Jenkins Engineer Certification Exam

To qualify for certification on the first attempt, you must read the complete guide we have compiled with the help of industry experts. Let’s find out what you should do to prepare for the CJE exam in the best way.

1.   Visit the official page

The first thing you should do to get ready for the Certified Jenkins Engineer exam is to go to the CloudBees website. The best place to get the certified Jenkins Engineer study guide is from the official site. The study guide is a short but thorough list of everything you need to know to pass the CJE exam.

You can find important information about the exam and reliable information about how to sign up and schedule the exam. The study guide also goes into detail about the topics that will be on the CJE exam, which can help you plan your preparations.

2.   Check out the study guide on the official page

To help you study for the Certified Jenkins Engineer exam, documentation is the next most important thing you should get. On the Jenkins documentation website, you can find links to different tutorials that show you how to put what you’ve learned into practice.

It would be much more interesting to read about the Pipeline DSL (Domain Specific Language)if it could be written from scratch.

The tutorials have clear instructions that make it easier for candidates to learn everything they need to know about Jenkins.

3.   Choose a trustworthy online training course provider

There are several reputed training course providers from which you can choose extensively by comparing different course providers and the curriculum offered by each provider.

You can study for the test at your own pace and in your own time with the help of online training courses.

Candidates taking an online course to prepare for the CJE exam should do their research before enrolling. It’s not the price of the training course that’s important, but rather the scope of its content and the ease with which you can get the instructors’ guidance.

4.   Practice

Get your hands on all the practice test papers.

The last and most crucial tip for studying for the Certified Jenkins Engineer exam is to take some practice exams. If you don’t have access to actual practice tests, sample questions and exam papers can help you get a feel for the test’s format.

Knowing the test layout will prepare you to take it with more assurance. In addition, you can learn more about your skills and limitations by taking sample questions or practice examinations. It’s an intriguing idea to practice for the real test before you take it.

The average payment of a Certified Jenkins Engineer

In the United States, the average salary for a CJE with 1 to 4 years of work experience is $124342 per annum, whereas a professional with more than 5-10 years of experience can earn up to $127620 per annum.

Choose Simplilearn as your online training course provider

To excel in your exam, you can enroll in Simplilearn’s CI/CD Pipelines With Jenkins Certification Training Course. This training program is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning Jenkins tools to advance your career.

The best part about this course is you can complete it within 3 months at your own pace with the best instructors who can guide you to clear the exam in one go.

In conclusion

To clear the CJE examination, you would require some basic knowledge of concepts and some hands-on experience with the Jenkins tool.

Based on what you’ve read above, you can start studying for your certified Jenkins Engineer exam immediately. But there are many other things you should consider if you want your preparations to go as well as possible.

We hope that our article about the Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) Exam helped you study. Focus on the course outline and find out everything you need to know. Now, try a free online course and practice tests.

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